The enrollment has to be for a minimum of one school year. Nevertheless, in special cases, depending on professional situation and previous experience, the length of the study can be adapted.

The course is taught in Spanish, so a minimal knowledge of the language is required when the course starts.

See the course calendar and fees.


If you wish to apply, you have to complete de online application form attaching the following documents:

  • your CV
  • a recommendation or a motivation letter

– optionally, any graphic material (videos or photographies) of your work, it has not have to be professional (it can be academic or amateur)

Once you’ve sent us all this documents, we will offer you three different options for the audition:

  • Taking a class of the diploma programme
  • Enrolling on one of our intensive courses
  • Online, if you live overseas

In any case, we will program an interview with you, in person or online as soon as we have received all the documents.

The school accepts applications in English, French, Catalan and Spanish.

The application process is open all year long.

Once accepted in the Diploma programme, we will send you all the necessary infomation on how to reserve your place in the school.

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How did you find us? (*)
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