September workshop


Curso intensivo Moveo

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MOVEO offers in Barcelona an intensive workshop whose aim is to help participants to strengthen their creativity as a performer using the technical and artistic bases of corporeal mime.

In this 15 hours course the participants will be able to acquire tools to develop their physical and spatial control related to theatricality, their expressivity and their imagination in order to create physical scenes.

We will address the following questions:

  • How can we use the metaphoric strength of the body?
  • How to articulate an action physically and dramatically?
  • How to reconcile the technical qualities and the creative freedom of the actor?


Taught by Sophie Kasser and Stéphane Lévy.

The course is taught in Spanish, but we can offer some translations in English or French.

To be confirmed
Monday to Friday 4pm to 7pm
Price: 140€


  • 15% discount if you enrol until one month before the course’s starting date.
  • 10% discount fo students of performing arts and for members of professional associations such as ACET, aPdc, AAPDC, APCC,..
  • 20% discount for Moveo students.

-These discounts are not valid in combination with one another-

Do you want to enrol in this course? Soon we’ll open the enrolment procedure but if you want more information come to our office from Monday to Thursday, 10h-14h.

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It has been a complete awareness of the body’s expression power in order to making itself present and understandable with what you want to say. - Laia, Catalunya

I didn’t know what to expect of this course, but I am totally satisfied with everything! The general attitude was very positive and all the teammates were very motivated. -Vanessa, Usa