The articulation of the body and the musicality of movement

el cuerpo articulado

How to transform a daily gesture in a stage action, in order to achieve precision, articulation and musicality of movement?

This course aims to study the different stages of devising a physical score. We will explore the foundations of a creative process in the field of contemporary mime, which finds its theatrical quality in the precision and dynamics of action.

Through the technique of corporeal mime we will work on:

  • how to isolate different body parts to have a richer corporal vocabulary
  • how to represent the effort on stage
  • the observation of the world around us will inspire us to find rhythmic variations that stimulate movement.

We will also work on the composition of an individual score or a duet.

Luis Torreão

Director, actor, mime and teacher.

He directs the Company Hippocampe and its training centre in Contemporary Mime in Paris. He trained in corporeal mime in Paris and the United States with Leabhart Thomas, who was an assistant of Etienne Decroux. He graduated in theatre education and has completed a Master in theater studies at the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris. He has taught numerous courses in France and Brazil, including in the Theatre Conservatory of Orleans, Arts en Scène (Lyon), EDT 91 (Essonne), University Paris 8, Theatre Apollo-Hermilo (Recife), University of Campinas – Sao Paulo, Rio Theatre University and the School of Dance Angel Viana – Rio de Janeiro.

Time: Saturday 11h-14h and 15:30h – 18:30h / Sunday 10h – 14h

Price: 95 €

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