21st & 22nd June, End-of-year shows!

Flyer fin de curso Moveo

We want to invite you to our End-of-year shows, performed by our Physical Theatre and Corporeal Mime Diploma programme students!

“Una hora y algo…” – 1st year students, directed by Sophie Kasser; direction assistant, Olivier Décriaud
“Reconocer” – 2nd year students, directed by Stéphane Lévy

Voice coaching: Maria Antònia Salas
Choreographical coaching: Cecilia Colacrai
Coordination: Estel·la Muñiz
Lights technician: Mario Almazán
Graphical design: Helena Nehme Yung, Annabelle Bruyas

Special thanks to: Can Felipa team, Mai Rojas, Xavier Sisquella

Days: 21st & 22nd June
Hour: 20:00h
Price: 4€ (both shows)
Place: Centre Civic Can Felipa

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