26th - 28th January 2024
Devising theatre workshop with Ángela Palacios
Angela palacios

The DEVISING THEATRE workshop proposes a deep approach to integrating what it is to perform and write based on connections with the BODY and the ESSENTIAL self.

During the workshop we will approach the necessary technique to create a piece from our most primary, authentic and pure truth. It is a journey to learn to connect with the source of our own unique creativity, which leads us in a simple and joyful way to interpret with honesty, write with strength and shine without judgement.

This course is for anyone who feels appealed to play, connect with themselves, express themselves and share themselves with the world.

Objectives of the course

  • Awakening and connecting with one’s own source of creativity.
  • Awareness of the body and its possibilities.
  • Use and development of the imagination.
  • Awareness of one’s own talents, both known and unknown.
  • Self-knowledge.

We will work through:

  • Meditation.
  • Physical exercise.
  • Corporal expression – Playing.
  • Writing.
  • Listening and observation of others.
Angela palacios

Ángela Palacios

Stage director, playwright and actress. She graduated in Audiovisual Communication in Navarra in 2006, studied a master’s degree in International Cooperation and Development in 2007-08 in Madrid and trained in Dramatic Art from 2010 to 2013 at the Escuela Laboratorio de Barcelona, later joining its company until 2015, year in which she founded her own company, “Los espejos son para mirarse” from which she writes, directs, performs and produces “Mirta en espera” (2015) and “Salve Regina” (2021), the latter directed by Paloma Remolina.

In 2017, she founded with Carlos Martín-Peñasco the company “Los Prometidos” with which they write, direct, produce and perform the national and international award-winning “Solo creo en el fuego”. Also since “Los espejos son para mirarse” she directs, writes and produces her first feature documentary “De eso no hablábamos”, released in 2019, with which she participated in the 37th International Film and Women’s Festival.

She is also director of the company specializing in social justice, Arde Teatro, and of the plays “200,000 DONES” by Cía. Cándida, “Beyond Numbers” by Kainos Teatro and “Malparida” by La Maièutica. She has recently worked for the CDN in the project Dramawalker, and is currently preparing a new show with Alba Rubió and Alejandra Jiménez Cascón, entitled “Gracias por todo”.

As a teacher, she began her own training in Creation Theater in 2021, after fifteen years researching and practising theatre pedagogy in different areas and spaces.

More information on her website: www.angela-palacios.com

Practical information


26th - 28th January 2024


18h to 21h

Saturday & Sunday
11h to 14h and 15h30 to 18h30


150 euros

The course is taught at Moveo Centre


C/ Joan d’Àustria, 95-97, 1r 3a
08018 Barcelona

Marina (L1) o Bogatell (L4)


– 15% discount if you enrol one month before the course’s starting date.

– 10% discount if you have the Carnet de Biblioteques de la Diputació de Barcelona, the Carnet Jove (the discount includes also any card member of the European Youth Card network) or if you are a performing arts student.

– 15% discount (permanent) for Moveo students of the regular courses.

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