Diploma course

Duration of one course (academic year): October to June

Monday to Friday from 9.45am to 2pm

FEES COURSE 2024-2025
1st Academic Year: 3.175€
2nd Academic Year: 3.085€
3rd Academic Year: 2.320€
The fees include the compulsory school insurance.

Under previous agreement with the Moveo Centre, the student will be able to spread the payment of the fees in three or nine settlements. The school offers a 5% discount for students paying the fees in one payment (once time discounted the deposit fees).

Minimum period of study

The minimum period of study of the Diploma programme is 1 academic year.
In case that this period doesn’t work for you, contact us.


Along the year the school have 3 main periods of holidays, which dates are fixed according to the official calendar of the Generalitat de Catalunya every year. This calendar also specifies special bank holidays that will be specified in the student guide provided by Moveo upon enrolment.       

– Christmas: 20th December – 7 Januray approx.

– Easter: 10 days in March or April approx.

Confirmation and reserve of the place

Once accepted, in order to reserve his/her place in the school the student will have to make a payment of a part of the school fees as deposit. The minimum amount of the deposit will correspond to one month of study plus the school insurance. (ex: For a first year student of the 2024-2025 course, the deposit is 365€).  This deposit is not an extra cost, it is a part of the total cost of the study and will be deducted from the total fees.