Do you know about Body Weather?

Body Weather (body climatology) is an exhaustive comprehensive practice of training and performance that investigates the intersections of the body and its environment. On the 2nd & 3rd of December, Andrés Corchero will introduce us to the personalised training he...


A workshop on voiceowork with Anna Estrada

Enrol now on the "The voice rebirth" workshop, taught by Anna Estrada, on the 11th, 12th & 13th November! The workshop will introduce concepts of the FitzmauriceVoicework® technique, with the aim of finding the connection that will allow us to put...


Come to see our 3rd year presentations!

Students from the specialisation course, from our Phsyical Theatre and Corporeal Mime Diploma Programme, are presenting their creation projects on the 27th of October: The shows will be presented at Centre Cívic Can Felipa (Barcelona), at 19h. You can book...


Would you like to join our introductory workshop?

On the 22nd & 23rd October, Olivier Décriaud is teaching a new edition of the workshop "The gesture and its intention", an introductory course on Physical Theatre and Corporeal Mime, that allows its participants to discover tools to improve their...


In October The Evening Course is starting!

OUR REGULAR COURSES ARE STARTING   In two weeks the 1st term of the Evening Course is starting, an introductory training on Corporeal Mime and Physical Theatre thaught by Kaká Degáspari. During the sessions participants will work around the following concepts: The three-dimensionality...

Creación intensivo

Last weeks to enrol on our September Intensive Course!

From 20th to 22nd September, the Moveo Centre is offering an intensive course taught by Stéphane Lévy, where participants will work around the Cia Moveo's creation tools. This course’s aim is that participants discover and understand how essential notions such as...

curso verano

New edition of our Summer Intensive Course

ARE YOU VISTING US THIS SUMMER?   The 20th edition of the Summer Intensive Course "Giving shape to imagination" will take place from the 4th to the 15th of July, taught by Sophie Kasser, Stéphane Lévy & Olivier Décriaud. This 35 hours Physical...

Taller Zero en Conducta

Cie. Zero en Conducta is back!

The 3rd edition of "The mechanics of the soul", an objects' animation workshop by Cie. Zero en Conducta   Don't miss you chance to participate in this physical theatre and objects' workshop, designed to increase the performers tools in movement, stimulate creation...


We present the Diploma Programme

ENROLLMENT ON OUR DIPLOMA PROGRAM OPEN!   At Moveo we are committed to performing arts as an investigation of questions and a bringing into play of our own body. It is not about giving fixed answers, but about opening new paths, sharing...


What do you know about the Diploma Programme?

Do you want to know more about the Diploma Programme on Physical Theatre and Corporeal Mime? On the 31/03 at 17:30h (CET) we will meet online on a session where we will be presenting the Physical Theatre and Corporeal Mime training...