Celebration 20 years of the Diploma Course

Practica alumnos moveo

A celebration of the efforts of a team.

Next year we will celebrate 20 years of the Diploma Course in Physical theatre and Corporeal Mime. During these two decades, we have seen this program grow and become a reference in the world of physical theatre, providing our students with the tools necessary to become independent and versatile artists, as well as allowing to create a community of artists, a network of performers and creators that continues to relate to the Centre.

Since its creation, the Diploma Course in Physical theatre and Corporeal Mime at the Moveo Center has trained numerous theatre professionals. This anniversary is not only a round number, but reflects our ongoing commitment to high-quality creative and technical training that adapts to the needs of the artistic world.

Active professionals as teachers

One ​​of the strong points of our program is the teaching team. We have active professionals, specialised in physical theatre and Corporeal Mime. These teachers not only bring their expertise to the classroom, but are also involved in the daily practice of their art, ensuring that the training we offer is always up-to-date and relevant. Beyond their professional qualities, they are people dedicated to helping to grow, to listen, to guide. The human and relational element of Diploma training is for us a primary focus of work.

In the diploma program, the teaching staff provides classes in technique, repertoire, improvisation, and creation methodologies. We all work across disciplines with the students because we believe it is a much more enriching approach. This interdisciplinary approach to training allows each teacher to guide students in different areas of learning, giving a comprehensive view of their progress and work. Additionally, it helps the different components of the course to communicate with each other, creating a more organic and coherent learning path.

A Methodology Based on Collaboration

Our pedagogical approach fosters a mutually supportive environment where students can experiment, take risks and grow together. We want creativity and individual expression to be nurtured by the constant exchange of ideas and interpersonal experiences. Student collaboration and mutual support are key to our teaching method.

Our main objective is to equip students with the tools, methodologies and knowledge necessary to be independent artists in the field of physical theatre. The training includes a variety of techniques and disciplines that allow them to explore their creative and expressive potential. From Corporeal Mime to expressive movement and the pursuit of movement as a basis for creation, our training offers a deep and practical understanding of Etienne Decroux’s physical theatre and Corporeal Mime.

Currently, we are working on a project called the end-of-year show, which the students will present in June. It is important for both us as teachers and for the students, as it marks the culmination of a year of learning across different areas of the school. This project allows them to integrate all the knowledge and methods they have learned throughout the year.

Creating Bridges between Training and Professionalization

The Moveo Center has established connections with various physical theatre institutions and companies, both nationally and internationally. These networks make it easier for students to transition from the academic to the professional field. Through workshops, artistic residencies and collaborations, students have the opportunity to start creating their projects and define themselves as artists.

Student projects:

Testimonies and Experiences of Our Graduates

Many graduates have developed successful careers in the field of physical theatre or performing arts. Their testimonies, as well as their connection with the centre, demonstrate the quality of the training received and the impact it has had on their professional development. They have worked in renowned companies, participated in international festivals and created their own artistic proposals. We can cite Alba Florejach, Guy Nader, Cia Zero en Conducta, Esther Muñoz, Raissa Aviles a> among others who have been able to follow their artistic and/or pedagogical trajectories beyond Moveo with great success.

Enrollment and Requirements

The next edition of the diploma course will start in October 2024. The registration process is now open and places are limited. Those interested can find all the necessary information on our page Presentation. Candidates must have previous training in performing arts (dance, theatre, circus, performance…) or equivalent experience, and their motivation and the desire to embark on a path of learning and change will be particularly valued.

Celebrating 20 years…

Celebrating 20 years of the Diploma Course in Physical theatre and Corporeal Mime is a significant milestone for the Moveo Center. This longevity is testament to the success and relevance of our program, which continues to adapt and evolve to provide an education of excellence. We invite everyone interested in physical theatre to join us in this upcoming edition and to be part of our artistic community, where creativity, collaboration and personal development are at the heart of our pedagogy.


For more information about the course and the registration process, do not hesitate to visit our pages Presentation / Study Plan,  or contact us directly. We are here to help you and answer any questions you may have about our program.

The Moveo Center thanks all the students, teachers and collaborators who have been part of this incredible 20-year trajectory. We will continue to promote physical theatre and Corporeal Mime, creating new opportunities and developing the artistic talent of the future.