Clown Gestual con Merche Ochoa

28th – 29th January of 2017

For the first time Moveo will offer a course of Physical Clown with the great Merche Ochoa. We will work awareness, availability, lightness and presence on the stage. We will look for the consciousness of the possibilities and limitations of our body, the instinct of inaction, breathing. We will look for the balance between the inside and the outside, the contact with the public and how to communicate with it.

The intensive course will begin the 28th of January of 2017 and has a discount of the 20% for those who enroll before the 28th of December.


  • The Here and Now
  • Breathing silence.
  • Look and see.
  • The body in space.
  • Movement and inaction.



If you want to enroll or more information about the course…

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You can also call us: +34 93 300 24 08, or you can come to our office from Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m to 14 p.mTambién puedes llamarnos al número +34 93 300 24 08, o venir a nuestra oficina de Lunes a Jueves de las 10h hasta las 14h.

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