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Andrés corchero
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Body Weather.

In the world of dance and performance, there is a fascinating approach that delves into the intersection between the body and its surroundings. This approach is called Body Weather, or body climatology, and is a comprehensive training and performance practice that has inspired movement artists around the world. On this journey of self-discovery through body and space is the featured teacher of this course, Andrés Corchero.

Body Weather is much more than just a movement technique; it is a deep exploration of body memory, individual movement patterns and the relationship between mind and body.

In this workshop that we host at Moveo Centre on the 1st and 2nd of March 2024, participants have the opportunity to fully review the body and movement in different and changing environments, and the internal rhythms that influence the way we move. No previous experience is required, making it an accessible starting point for anyone wishing to embark on this exciting journey.


The teacher leading this workshop, Andrés Corchero, is a passionate explorer of the languages of the body and dance. His history with Butoh dance, a Japanese dance style, began in 1985, when he travelled to Tokyo and studied with renowned masters such as Kazuoh Ohno and Min Tanaka. During his trip, he danced with the Mai-Juku company, directed by Min Tanaka, from 1986 to 1995. This trip gave him the opportunity to immerse himself in the richness of butoh dance and learn from the best.



Andrés corchero

Andrés Corchero’s extensive career includes collaborations with artists from diverse disciplines and an unwavering dedication to both creation and teaching. He has shared his experience all over the world, and since 2005, he has been a professor at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona.
His achievements and recognitions, such as the Critics’ Prize 2021 for Best Dance Solo for “Absències” and the National Dance Prize of Catalonia 2003, speak of the significant impact he has had on the artistic community.

The Body Weather Workshop with Andrés Corchero is a unique opportunity to explore the complexities of the body and its relationship to the environment. Whether you are a dancer, actor or someone in search of a deeper connection with your own body, this workshop will guide you on a journey of movement. With the guidance of an expert with a rich history in dance, it promises to be a transformative experience that will help you listen, feel and express yourself through your body. Don’t miss it!

Interested in learning more about this practice? Enrol on the course page, where you will also find the timetable, contents and information you need to participate.

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