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The school offers a full time professional training in physical theatre, based on Etienne Decroux’s dramatic corporal mime. The training is designed to allow the students, through the study of the corporeal mime technique, to acquire a solid foundation on which to build or continue their artistic path in the field of performing arts, especially in physical theatre.

The study programme of this Diploma course is articulated around four main blocks: technique, improvisation, composition and repertoire. It is a specific training focused on corporeal mime, but in which other subjects are also taught such as actor’s training (from Jacques Lecoq’s work) and dance (mainly notions of contact, floor work and partnering), with the aim of enriching the creative possibilities of the actor and actress.

Therefore -corporeal mime still being at the core of our methodology– we will open a dialogue with various disciplines and new proposals which may vary from one year to another. For this purpose, work on text is integrated to the end of year show for example, as well as collaborations with outside professionals who give their expertise in fields such as puppetry, object manipulation, Commedia dell’Arte, or others, depending on the artistic line of the show, whose process is different each year.

The main objective of this artistic training is that the students acquire the knowledge and methods to use their physicality as the main expressive element of devised work and interpretation, and to develop methodologies so that the movement on stage is a reflection of the forces at play of both dramatic and non-dramatic stage situations (relationship, mood, conflict, desire, etc). The body of the performers is at the service of their imagination and stands at the centre of the drama thus achieving the actors and actresses to be the centre of devised theatre.


1st cycle: Diploma in Corporeal Mime (2 years)
– 1st level: Initiation (750 hours)

– 2nd level: Advanced (750 hours)

2nd cycle: Certificate of specialisation (1 year)
– 3rd level: Specialisation (600 hours)

The duration of each level is one school year (October to June).

Moveo diploma programme


An attendance certificate is given to full time students successfully completing the first level Initiation Course.

A Diploma in Corporeal Mime is awarded to students successfully completing two years of the full time Diploma Programme.
A certificate of especialisation is awarded to those successfully achieving the third level.

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The training offered by Moveo is a training aimed at the performing arts.

It is therefore essential that each student gets confronted inside the school to the experience of performing on stage, or in the street, in front of a public, whether it is for the other students or for an external public.

The methodology of each learning block includes a continuous alternation between phases of learning and phases of presentation. These presentations are also an occasion for the student to receive a continuous evaluation of his/her work.

Each block concludes with a presentation, open to the public or not.

The main objective of the training is to make links between the learning blocks in order to generate a transversal knowledge of the different skills of the actor-creator in physical theatre.

Each level concludes with a public presentation of a show directed by the Moveo teachers’ team and performed in a theatre. All the students participate actively in the creation of this show.

The students work alternating all together, separated by levels or in small groups.


The evaluation of the students is done in different ways:

  • Group evaluation by levelThis evaluation will be done every month during the class hours. The objective is to create an exchange between the teachers and the students, to respond to the doubts of the students, to evaluate the dynamics and the implication of the group and to fix objectives in the medium term


  • Quarterly personal evaluation: At the end of each term, the school will organise individual evaluation with each student about the different subjects. This evaluation will take into account the following criteria:
    • Assistance, punctuality
    • Progress of the student in the subjects
    • Presentations and composition works processes
    • General attitude
  • Continuous evaluation: During the entire school year, the student will be evaluated and accompanied by the teachers. The work of the school includes the presentation as a method of evaluation. The exercises presented every day and the improvisation sessions will be the base for this evaluation.


  • Individual evaluation: The student can ask for an individual evaluation to the teachers of the school at any moment, whether it is to resolve a doubt, answer a question or talk about a problem that arouse during the course of study at the school.


Contact with us to get information about the possibility of validating studies taken in another centre or school of corporeal mime to enter in 2nd or 3rd year.


At the Moveo centre, our aim is to provide specific and innovative training, giving the physical actor/actress a space of reference and support for his/her professional development, causing a dialogue and exchange between artists and professionals from around the world, and continuing the research and investigation to increase the quality of physical theatre shows. For this reason, being part of the Diploma program in MOVEO also means to enjoy the access to:

For me, Moveo is the perfect place to learn, create and develop yourself as an actor with and excellent training programm and professionals. - Ondona, España

Thank you very much for the professionalism of your work and for your personal attention. - Txus, Catalunya

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Moveo is part of the ACET (Associació Catalana d’Escoles de Teatre), that grants us a quality stamp, accomplishing a number of requirements which grants that our students receive formation of quality.

The ACET’s work is recognized by the Catalan actors syndicate; the AADPC –Associació d’Actors I Directors Professionals de Catalunya-, which supports the students who have accomplished their professionals studies in any school and want to be members of the syndicate.