Specialisation programme


The principal objective of this programme in Corporeal Mime and Physical Theatre is artistic autonomy. 

The specific objectives of this programme are:

  • To look for technical and acting virtuosity.
  • To overcome problems encountered during the second year, and work on the points highlighted in the final evaluation of the diploma.
  • More autonomy in personal work.
  • To finish the year with a devised project and to foster the ability to create teams for future projects.
Study programme
Technique, repertoire and improvisation

The students of the Specialization Programme attend the technique, repertoire, improvisation classes together with the other Diploma Programme students during the first two terms, but are evaluated with specific tasks and different criteria. Depending on group and level, they also work on a different piece of repertoire.


During the second term, each student prepares and supervises a devised project with a small group of Second Year students as an outside eye, in order to get familiar and learn from a director’s position.

In the third term, students participate in classes until the end of April and, in parallel, create their own project, supervised by one or various teachers.

Devised project

plan de estudio-3er año2The process begins in February when the students must submit an initial dossier with a proposal for evaluation. An accompaniment of some production aspects until the premiere in a theatre of Barcelona is also offered. 

This choice of work is free and can take different forms, depending on the student’s desire to find ways of expression and application of their knowledge learned in the school. External participants may be part of this project as artistic team members of the project.

During the months of May and June, the students get a rehearsal space in the afternoons, and the creation process is assessed by the teachers who follow up on the rehearsals. This process is usually combined with a residency in a cultural centre of the city.

Complementary subjects

Depending on the year and the programme of the centre, the third year includes participation in a Training Group open to professionals in order to seek, through the training methods developed by Moveo for the past ten years, the creation of a theatrical and creative body. The work will focus mainly on group dynamics and experimental research and the expressive possibilities of physical action. Students will discover and understand how essential notions of corporeal mime such as articulation, weight, pace, causalities, etc. can become a source of inspiration and an improvement in their professional work outside of a classical decrousian framework.

Participation in this group is usually proposed as a substitution of the actor’s training. If the Training group doesn’t get programmed, the students can choose between dance and actor’s training with the second year group.

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