The Moveo Center presents the end-of-course shows of the Moveo Diploma Programme, a celebration of the talent, creativity, and passion for theater of its students.
Don’t miss these shows created with dedication and effort by the students of the Moveo Center.

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When and Where?

Dates: June 20 and 21

Time: 7 PM

Location: Centre Civic Can Felipa

Price: 3 Euros

What Will You See?

Espectaculo de moveo 2023-24

Un Rinoceronte! Un Rinoceronte?

In a small town, strange sightings and a series of unsettling transformations occur in a chain reaction. The characters face the question of how to resist this alarming contagion that, despite its dreamlike humor, echoes the rise of extremism in Europe and around the world.

A show based on Eugène Ionesco’s famous play, created collectively by the first-year students of the Moveo Diploma Course.

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Espectáculo moveo 2023-24

Es Cuestión de Tiempo

You’ll never get back the time you lost. But where did you lose it? Where did you leave it? Every passing second becomes unreachable, like keys falling through a drain grate, like a coin rolling behind the sofa, like water slipping through your fingers, or like that person whose name you can no longer remember.

Do you have time to look for more time or are you chasing something that’s already gone? You barely see it coming, and it’s already behind you, laughing. So, when will I have time? Time to watch it pass, precisely, and be scared by its passage. I see it. It walks by, runs by, like a river, a summer sea, a raging ocean, all at once.

It’s a Matter of Time is a collective creation by the second-year students of the Moveo Diploma Course.

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How to Get There?

Centre Cívic Can Felipa
Pl. Josep Mª Huertas Claveria
08005 Barcelona
T. 932 563 840
Metro: Poble Nou (L4)