During the months of May and June, the work is focused on the creation of physical theatre devised shows that allows the principles and elements studied during the year to be put into practice.

Moveo´s physical theatre devised shows

First and second year projects

Each level concludes with a public performance of the show in a theatre.

At Moveo, we want to encourage creativity and capacitate our students to take an active role in the creative processes. We believe that learning through direct experience and participation in real projects are key elements of physical theatre training.

Our shows, known as creative practices in physical theatre, are developed by the first and second year students under the direction of the Moveo teaching team. These shows are not only an opportunity for students to apply what they have learned in class, but also a platform for them to experiment with different techniques and creative approaches.

All students actively participate in the various aspects involved in the collective creation, from the initial conception to the final performance. The starting point may be the physical adaptation of a literary or film work, allowing students to explore how to transfer word and image into expressive and theatrical movement. Alternatively, the process may involve embarking on the creation of an entirely new performance based on physical investigations that they develop themselves.

This approach allows students not only to improve their technical and artistic skills, but also to develop their teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving skills. Throughout the process, Moveo teachers guide and support students, ensuring that each production reflects both individual effort and group collaboration.

Physical theatre devised show

Pareja de Tres - 2015

Practica alumnos moveo

In-diferencias - 2016

Coursos 23-24

Ver la costa alejarse - 2023

Estoy bien - moveo

Estoy bien - 2022

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Third-year projects

Third-year students have the opportunity to develop their own creative projects, with the support of the centre’s teaching staff.

This work is free and can take various forms, depending on the student’s desire to explore their form of expression and apply the knowledge acquired throughout their training in physical theatre at Moveo. In the development of their creation, students have the constant support and accompaniment of the centre’s teaching team. We want each student to be able to work in a personalised way and for their creative process to reflect their artistic interests.

Moveo’s teachers, with extensive experience in the field of physical theatre, offer comprehensive guidance in key areas such as creation, production and dramaturgy. In addition, they provide specific training in aspects relevant to the creation of projects, ensuring that each student receives the knowledge and tools necessary to realise their artistic vision.

The creative process at Moveo is not limited to technical achievement; it also includes the development of critical skills such as project management, team collaboration and leadership. Students learn to deal with the difficulty of artistic creation, from the initial conception of the idea to its staging, passing through all the intermediate stages of development and production.

Through this approach, we seek not only to enhance our students’ technical and artistic skills, but also to build their autonomy and confidence as creators. Students can experiment and take creative risks, knowing that they have our support, and prepare for their future careers in the world of theatre and the performing arts.

Since 2005, our centre has staged more than 30 diploma and specialisation shows created by the students and directed by our experienced teaching staff.

These shows have been presented in theatres in Barcelona, such as the Centre Cívic Can Felipa, el Centre Cívic La Bobila, el Centre Cívic Sandaru and the Centre Cívic La Teixonera.

The shows of the third year have received recognition and have transcended borders to perform in other destinations in Spain, France, India, and different countries. We are proud of the achievements of our students and their ability to take their work beyond the confines of our school.

We believe in providing students with the tools and opportunities necessary to pursue their artistic and professional careers.

Below are video clips of our students’ diplomas and third-year projects.

To see more training videos, please visit our Training Videos page.