End-of-year shows

On the 15th & 16th of June the students of the Diploma in Physical Theatre and Corporeal Mime programme will be presenting their end-of-year projects at Centre Cívic Can Felipa.

The show will start at 20h and the ticket for the three shows will be 5€. The ticket will be available at the ticket office before the shows begin.


EL SUEÑO | 1st Course

I had a dream. I dreamed I was… that I had… The one whom try to say what I dreamed will remain as a clown. There’s no eye to hear, nor ear to see, nor hand to feel, nor tongue that understands… Nor soul that explains the dream I had.

A scenic story that explores the fragility of the human relationships.


¿CUÁL ES LA PREGUNTA? | 2nd Course

“Life is burning questions” (A. A.)
Five actors deal with a piano and passion to Max Frisch questions.


LADY (waiting) | 3rd Course
working progress

The waiting is a resistance form, a silent act of reaffirmation of what we are, what we feel and what we expect. And with it, time and imagination are our travel partner.


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