“Gesture And Relations” Workshops In Tàrrega

Gesto y relación, moveo

Last month, the Moveo team travelled to Tàrrega to carry out a series of special workshops called ‘Gesture and relations’. These workshops are aimed at children and young people of various ages, from primary to secondary school, with the aim of bringing them closer to movement and the tools of the performing arts. This project serves both as an introduction to the performing arts and as a way to explore movement as a primary tool for wellbeing and connection.

Project History

The Gesture and Relationship project began five years ago, driven by a passion for the performing arts and a belief in the transformative power of movement. Since then, we have collaborated with schools, colleges and community centres, tailoring our workshops to the specific needs of each group. Our aim is to make the art of movement accessible to all, regardless of age, background or physical ability.

Workshops in Tàrrega

During our stay in Tàrrega, we collaborated with several educational institutions: Pla Entorn de Tàrrega, Institut Alfons Costafreda, EA Ondara, Escola Àngel Guimerà, Vedruna Tàrrega, CEE Santa Maria de l’Alba, Institut Manuel Pedrolo and Escola Pia Tàrrega. Each centre welcomed us warmly and we worked with a variety of students.

Gesture and relation
Gesture and relation

Each workshop offered unique experiences for both us and the participants. With the primary school children, we focused on playful activities that fostered creativity and cooperation. With the secondary students, we explored more complex dynamics, focusing on non-verbal communication and the creation of stories through movement. This continuous adaptation allowed us to address the specific needs of each group, ensuring a personalised and meaningful experience.

Special thanks

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the institutions and people who made this experience possible. Finally, a special thanks to the teachers and team members of Cia Moveo-Agnès, Xavi, Neilor and Alma-whose dedication and professionalism were crucial to the success of the workshops.

Impact and Future

Our time in Tàrrega was a rewarding experience, full of creativity and learning. Seeing the positive impact on the children, young people and their teachers encourages us to continue to expand this project to other communities. We believe that movement and the performing arts are powerful tools that can enrich lives and foster a more creative and connected society.

For the future, we hope to continue offering these workshops, adapting them to the needs of each community and exploring new ways of using movement as a vehicle for expression and learning.