Moveo’s intensive courses.

Our intensive physical theatre courses offer an opportunity to explore Moveo’s methodologies, renowned for their innovative approach to the connection between the body and artistic expression. Participants have the chance to delve into the techniques and creative experiences of contemporary physical theatre.

For those with deeper aspirations, some courses offer the option of taking an audition for our diploma course. This opportunity allows committed students to broaden their knowledge and acquire a more comprehensive training in physical theatre.

But we do not limit our focus to physical theatre only. We also seek to open windows into other artistic expressions that work with the body and movement. This involves exploring connections with other performing disciplines and discovering how different artistic manifestations converge on stage.

We also offer intensive weekend courses taught by working professionals in the performing arts and the field of movement.

We hope you will find here a space for exploration and understanding of a unique and constantly evolving form of artistic expression.


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