Workshop and masterclasses moveoIn addition to offer regular and intensive courses of physical theatre in our centre in Barcelona, we also facilitate masterclasses and a wide variety of workshops in centres, entities, schools and international and national festivals.

If you’d like to organize a course or a masterclass in your city, your theatre company or your business, contact us via e-mail at for more information about all the personalized options that we can offer.

We ensure specialized pedagogues with a broad career as teachers, actors and theatre directors. [Moveo teachers]

Please find here a list of all the places where we have shared knowledge:

Intensive courses and workshops

January 2022 – Physical theatre workshop +Escena ICUB 2022 programme

November 2021 – Training sessions for Götenburg’s Mime Festival

January 2020 – “Physical theatre” workshop, led by Sophie Kasser at the X International Mime and Physical Theatre Festival in Chile.

July 2019 – “Articulation, Weight, Rithm” workshop, organized by Plateforme-Plattform, Festival Mimos in Périgueux

April 2019 – Workshop “Theatre and movement” al Festival Sismògraf in Olot

April 2019 – Workshop “Storytelling and movement” for the school “Els Arenys” in Castellbisbal

April 2019 – Masterclass “The creative group” by Cia Moveo at Festival Batecs in Manresa

March 2019 – Physical Theatre workshop “The shapes of intention” for the Hippocampe center in Paris

January 2019 – Workshop “Emocions through storytelling” for the school “Els Arenys” in Castellbisbal

Decembre 2018 – Workshop on Body and Movement for families for the Centre Cívic Sandaru (Barcelona), at Barcelona Districte Cultural

October 2018 – Workshop on Mime and Physical Theatre for the French Ice Sports Federation (France)

October 2018 -Workshop on movement and relation with the body for Festival Sismògraf in Olot

October 2018 -Physicial Theatre Masterclass for the International School of Azerbaijan in Barcelona

September 2018 -Creation Lab “Mouvement-image-espace public”, European project in collaboration with Platforme-Plattform in Lyon (France)

May – June 2018 – Physical theatre laboratory during the L’Altre Festival – performing arts, mental health and comunity festival

March 2018 – “Physical Theatre and Corporeal Mime for children” workshop for the school “Els Arenys”

Novembre 2017 – Physical Theatre Workshop for young people at Festival RBLS

July 2017 – “Physical Theatre: the creative group” workshop, for Caixa Escena in Barcelona

February 2017 – Physical Theatre course in French at EOI La Pau

July 2016 – Masterclass of physical theatre, Festival Mimos de Périgueux, França

March 2015 – Course “Physical Theater” at the day of theatrical training, La Trama, at the School of Theatre Piera.

December 2014 and 2013 – Course “Body in motion” and “Physical Theatre” at C.C. Sarrià within the training sessions “Fem Tramoia”

April 2014 – Physical Theatre Masterclass for the Scenekunst School (Akademiet) of Denmark.

March 2014 – Mime workshop under the International Caribbean Physical Theatre Festival, Puerto Rico.

December 2013 – Physical Theatre Workshop under the International Improvisation Theatre Festival of the Island of Réunion.

November 2013 – Course of Corporeal Mime at the ESAD Valencia within the project JCEA.

April 2013 – Course of Corporeal Mime at ESADIB, School of Dramatic Art in the Balearic Islands, within the project “ERIC” (space research, innovation and creation) funded by the European Union.

March 2013 – Course of Corporeal Mime “Résistance et abandonment”, at HIPPOCAMPE center of Paris, France.

April 2011 – Course of body language and non-verbal communication, at Projecta’t within the program of the Government of Catalonia for future employers.

November 2010 – Collaboration with the European Festival of Barcelona programming two workshops.

July 2010 – Stéphane Lévy and Sophie Kasser lead a workshop for creation Dance Days, which was performed in the gardens of the Miró Foundation on July 3, 2010, within the program of the Festival Grec in Barcelona.

January 2010 – Corporeal Mime Workshop at the Municipal School of Silla Theatre, Valencia.

August 2009 and February 2008 – Course “Voice, story, creation” at the Pedagogical Higher School of Aarau (Switzerland).

September 2008 – Workshop on body language for the teachers from the School of Dramatic Art in Vigo.

May 2008 – Course in Corporeal Mime, within a fencing and dance workshop, taught by Olivier Décriaud for the association Glob’culture, Vichy (France).

December 2007 – Masterclass about Mime within “d’T” (intensive training in interdisciplinary street arts), produced by the QSL Serveis Culturals for the C.C. La Casa Groga in Barcelona, funded by the City Hall of Barcelona.

February 2007 – Workshop in “Corporeal Mime: improvisation and creation” at the School of Dramatic Arts in Valencia.

November 2006 – Intensive Course in “Dream, Fantasy and Reality” for students of theater training from El Pont Flotant in Valencia.

April 2006 – Course in Corporeal Mime at the Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia

February 2006 – Intensive Course in “An open door to mime”, at the Conservatoire Populaire in Geneva, theater section.

September 2006 – Intensive course in “Introduction to Corporeal Mime” for the Gironina Theatre Association (AGT), the School Coop, Girona.

September 2005 – Intensive Course in “The Corporeal Mime” at the “Mim” Festival of Sueca (Valencia).

September 2005 – Intensive Course in “The Corporeal Mime” at the “Gesture” Festival of Esparreguera.

September 2004 – Course in “Corporeal Mime” at Mallorca Association for the actors and actresses of the Balearic Islands.

Besides all these specific activities, Moveo team also organizes conferences and lectures, as well as coaching and customized training.

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