21-22-23 march 2025
Physical theatre and object animation workshop with Cía. Zero en Conducta
Zero en conducta en moveo
Zero en conducta en moveo

Zero en Conducta returns with a new workshop proposal in response to the demand from students in previous courses, focusing on the work of puppets/objects and physical theater. The aim of this training is to share and explore the company’s creative tools in relation to physical theater and object animation, fostering mutual enrichment of both disciplines to expand the interpretative and visual language.

This Zero en Conducta course is designed to nurture creativity and internal worlds in three ways: among students, between students and teachers, and among the teachers. The objective is to create an environment that encourages the development of artistic concerns, where the tangible and intangible coexist, and problems are viewed as companions working in our favour, presenting opportunities for growth.

It is a course suited for individuals or groups who want to initiate the development of their creative ideas, those curious about the creative processes of other companies, or simply those who wish to explore the realm of theatre and movement.

Course Objectives

  • Train the body through physical exercises, both creative and technical, for their application to both the object and the performer.
  • Work on body dissociation to achieve articulation applicable to our character, as well as an initial approach to its application in action.
  • Share theatrical play and improvisation starting from the body and the object.
  • Approach compositional work within the framework of physical theater in relation to the object.
  • The importance of using music and silence within the creative process.
  • Use time as a cinematic resource within the performing arts.

The course will be conducted in Spanish with possible translation into English and French.


  • We will learn a series of choreographies and part of Zero en Conducta’s repertoire, to technically approach the different expressive possibilities of our body and, if applicable, with the object.

  • Approach the poetic codes and different metaphors of movement offered by physical theater and the object.

  • Through research and choreography, we will focus on transmitting our soul to the object so that it speaks through the movement of our body.

  • Introduction to the dynamoritmos of the 21st century. This concept is a proprietary investigation of the company’s language. It refers to the effects that modern cinema provides us (rewind, stop, slow motion, fast motion, image jump, and the combination of these).

Cía. Zero en Conducta

Zero en Conducta, Teatre del Moviment, is a project based in Barcelona and created in 2011 by José Antonio Puchades (Putxa) with the intention of exploring the expressive potential of different performing arts related to movement. Their research focuses on the union of corporeal mime, dance, puppetry, and physical theater. After the premiere in 2012 of Nymio, digital theater winner of three performance awards, and the incorporation of Julieta Gascón, sharing with Putxa the direction, dramaturgy, and performance, the company premiered Allegro ma non troppo in 2014 with five international awards.

Over the years, Zero en Conducta has dedicated its efforts and knowledge to the investigation of the fusion between various performing arts disciplines related to movement, such as corporeal mime, dance, and puppetry (especially direct manipulation). With this research, they have created five shows with which they have performed on stages in more than 30 countries around the world, receiving several international awards.

In addition to direction and performance, teaching is also one of the company’s interests, as sharing and receiving greatly enriches a discipline for which there are still no books or much reference material.

Practical Information


21-22-23 march 2025


Friday 18h-21h
Saturday and Sunday 10h-14h & 15:30h-19:30h


155 Euros

The course is held at Centro Moveo

C/ Joan d’Àustria, 95-97, 1r 3a
08018 Barcelona

Marina (L1) or Bogatell (L4)


– 15% discount if you register up to one month before the start date of the course.

– 10% discount with the Carnet Jove, the Library Card of the Diputación de Barcelona or if you are a performing arts student. This discount also includes any card affiliated with the European Youth Card.

– 15% permanent discount for regular students of Moveo courses.

– 15% discount for students and teachers of the ACET (Associació Catalana d’Ensenyaments Teatrals).

If you want to take advantage of some of our discounts, contact us and we will guide you on how to do it

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