17,18 & 19th November 2023

Physical theatre and objects

Physical Theatre and Objects’ animation workshop by Cía. Zero en Conducta

Answering to the demand of students in previous courses, Zero en Conducta comes back with a new proposal of workshop to deepen in the world of puppets/objects and physical theatre. This time we will centre on the creative work, and we will use the dramaturgy techniques of the company for the devising of stage works. Sometimes the physical shape gives us deep hints of the dramaturgy, sometimes the morphology of the puppet contains enough information to know what is our conflict, or the difficulties that we find in our bodies in relation with our object also are a motive to take into account in order to tell our story; we will see how the simplicity will always help us to deal with very complex concepts and how the beauty itself (from our subjective point of view of this concept) is usually a message in itself and sometimes even is enough.

This time we want to develop a workshop in which we give ourselves creativity and internal worlds on three levels: the students with the teachers, the teachers with the students and the students among themselves. We will generate an environment without limits in order to develop our artistic interests, where the plasticity and the intangible belong to the same world. We will treat the problem like a partner that goes to our favour, and that to avoid it would also be to avoid an opportunity.

A course done for artists who have an idea and want to plant the seed to start developing it. For people who have the interest and curiosity to know how other companies work devising or for anyone who simply wants to begin to have relation with this branch of theatre and of movement.

Course objectives

  • Plant the first seed on a creative work.
  • Share the basic principles of the dramaturgy and of the creative work of Zero en Conducta
  • From choreographic premises of our new show we will generate material to develop our own material.
  • Work on improvisation as a source of generation of material.
  • Work on the creative and choreographic components that the world of puppets and of physical theatre require.
  • Give a push to stalled projects, embryonic projects or projects that do not know yet they will exist.
  • Treat the basic principles of the animation of objects from our point of view and …
  • …amuse ourselves.

For this course the participants can bring their own puppets, objects and/or masks but the company will also provide material for those people who do not have it.

Language of the course: Spanish, with possible comments in English and French.

Cia Zero en Conducta

Zero en Conducta, Mouvement Theatre is a project based in Barcelona and created in 2011 by José Antonio Puchades (Putxa) with the intention of exploring the expressive potential of different performing arts related to movement. His research is centred on the union of the corporeal mime, dance, puppets and physical theatre. After the premiere in 2012 of “Nymio”, digital theatre winner of three interpretation prizes and of the incorporation of Julieta Gascón, sharing with Putxa the direction, the dramaturgy and the interpretation, the company premieres in 2014 “Allegro ma non troppo” with five international prizes. With this show they consolidate their artistic identity, create their own language and consolidate their projection inside and outside of the country. In February of 2016 they premiere “La Dernière danse de Brigitte” in the Ateneu Popular of Nou Barris in Barcelona; with this show no only they win four prizes (national and international) but they also incorporate to the company David Maqueda as direction assistant, co-dramaturg, designer and technical director.

They premiere “Trashhh!!!” a proposal winner of the prize for best show in the festival FETEN 2018 and for best street show in Haifa International Puppet Festival. The show “ROB”, in co production with Teatre of l’Abast of Valencia, premiered in April 2019 with big success. With this production, Zero en Conducta opens the possibility of collaboration with other companies that share language or enrich it. “The mechanics of the soul, Eh man hé” premiered in 2019 in the inauguration of the 30th Puppets Fair of Lleida awarded with three prizes, as well as, four months later, the prize for best show in the prestigious Biennial of Ostrava (Czech Republic).

Besides, three new performers integrate the company, Elena Lalucat, Pino Steiner and Amok Cor. In July 2023 they will premiere their most ambitious show with six performers on stage, “La Phazz” will speak of the fears that pursue us.

Beside the stage, Zero en Conducta also dedicate themselves to the training and to the artistic advice; and without forgetting the language of the movement, the animation of puppets and with the delicacy that defines them, in 2021 they start, in parallel, their professional career in the audiovisual production premiering “Animates, Animam, Animae”, their first documentary short film of puppets and souls made from their stage experience that already has received mentions and prizes.

Practical information

17,18 & 19 November 2023

Friday 18h-21h
Saturday & Sunday 10h-14h and 15:30h-19:30h

Price: 150€

The course is taught at Moveo Centre


C/ Joan d’Àustria, 95-97, 1r 3a
08018 Barcelona

Marina (L1) o Bogatell (L4)


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