11, 18, 25 February 2023

Workshop on oral narration and physicality

Storytelling is an art that belongs to every human being, a literary and aesthetic experience that accompanies us from the first day of life to the last, that gives us a voice and explains who are we. Orality, verbality, gesture, game, dialogue. Beyond the pure text, we have a perfect instrument for narration, a present body, a creative body that projects an imaginary and dialogues, a body that always counts.

This workshop, open to all levels, offers a space in which to analyze and experiment with the tools that allow us to first inhabit and then recreate any story narrated on stage.



  • basic foundations of narration for the stage
  • listening and making contact with others during the narration
  • the body always counts: presence, gaze, gesture and economy of movement
  • the orality that accompanies the body: voice, rhythm, pause
  • the story and the construction of its space, its images, its characters


  • Share a way to look that allows us to understand what is and what is not the narration of a story: differences with respect to other performing arts.
  • Offer tools that allow us to apprehend, transit and recreate the story as a scenic entity.
  • Provide the possibility of showing and analyzing the work together with the group, thus enriching one’s own perspective and feeding one’s own creative capacity.


NOTE: As from the second session, each participant will work with a story chosen for this purpose. The choice is free (traditional, literary, intended for adults or children…), based on one’s own interest and tastes, but in no case should the text be memorized.

The cours will be taught in Catalan and/or Spanish.

Judith Navarro

Stage oral narrator dedicated to reading mediation. Trained in physical and gestural theater (Decroux technique), in the art of telling stories and in children’s and youth literature and its didactics, she has narrated traditional and literary stories in specialized festivals, theaters, libraries, institutes, schools, homes children and bookstores, among others. Creates and recreates small-format shows, scenic and literary experiences where gesture accompanies literature in its oral form.

As a teacher, she teaches courses in oral narration and stage tools, as well as various trainings in the field of promoting reading. She currently also collaborates with the Autonomous University of Barcelona as an associate professor of Literary Didactics.

Practical information

11th, 18h & 25th February 2023

Saturdays from 10h until 13:20h

Price: 95€

The workshop is taught at

C/ Joan d’Àustria, 95-97, 1r 3a
08018 Barcelona

Marina (L1) or Bogatell (L4)


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