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Workshop in Physical Theatre taught by Olivier Decriaud
Olivier decriaud
Introducción mimo corporal

This workshop proposes to play between physical theatre and corporeal mime around the notions of gestures and relationships.

Open to all levels, the workshop proposes a place of discovery for everyone who would like to explore how one can give a gesture, receive it and how we can transform it into artistic expression. All the participants will be invited to develop their artistic skills, to improve their precision and expressiveness and to put their body at the service of their imagination.


– Stage presence and dramatic intention
– Physical and spatial articulation
– Rhythm and texture of the gesture
– Physical dialogues and relationships on stage
– Improvisation & creation exercises


Olivier Décriaud

Always inspired by literary texts, cinema and photography, Olivier is a co-founding member and actor of the Moveo Company since 2005 and a teacher at the Moveo Centre, the Casa Elizalde and the French Institute. Graduated in French Literature, he trained in physical theatre and corporeal mime with Ivan Bacchiochi and Robert Bennett in Paris, and with Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum at the International School of Corporeal Mime in London, from which he graduated.

He was a member of the company Théâtre de l’Ange Fou in London and since then has worked on various projects and short films; as an actor and director he has toured with shows in Croatia, Spain, France, Italy, England, Israel, Romania, Poland and Portugal. He has taught for various schools and entities, and worked in collaboration with the Alliance Française de Port Said (Egypt), Glob’culture (France) and, in Barcelona, for El plató de cine, the Col-legi del Teatre de Barcelona and the Amalia Centre.

He acted in several Moveo productions, “Marelle”, “Réquiem”, “ARA!” as well as in the show of the Catalan company La Pell, “Llàstima que sigui una puta”, by John Ford, directed by Anna Estrada. In recent years, Olivier has also specialised in teaching French through theatre, giving classes and training courses for teachers.

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Saturday 11h-14h and 15:30h – 18:30h
Sunday 10h – 14h


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