11th – 13th November 2022

Course estrada voice

Voice work workshop

This workshop is aimed at professional performers or those who are studying theatre, singing or dance, as well as voice professionals. The voice will be worked on from the authentic impulse in order to find one’s own voice, to be able to play and transform it. The aim of the work will be to find the connection that will allow us to put the voice at the service of the imagination and creation as performers.

In this workshop we will explore listening to ourselves and the space around us, the presence and essence of each one of us, our connection with the breath and the voice. Through movement, breath connected to voice, our energy connected to voice, we will work to bring words, language and sounds back to life, uniting them with the body and our need to communicate with the world.

The workshop will introduce concepts of the FitzmauriceVoicework® technique, explained below:

– Destructuring: This is the first phase, it promotes body awareness, free and spontaneous breathing, and the expressiveness of the voice through Tremorwork. Tremorwork is produced through various adapted yoga positions that facilitate the release of tension, the stimulation of the mind and body to improve one’s breathing and the use of voice; we work on the muscular system with the vibration of the whole body.

– Restructuring: This is based on an intentional discovery of breath and voice after the body has experienced the release and re-training of the muscular system. There is special emphasis on structuring which includes the integration of work with the spine, ribs and transverse.

The workshop will be taught as a group class, starting with individual or exercises two by two, which can also be developed into exercises for the whole group. We will work through movements, and with a text or song that the participants will have to bring with them. The material needed for the workshop is a mat and a high pillow. It is recommended to bring comfortable clothes to work and water.

Anna Estrada

An actress for as long as she can remember, Anna Estrada has worked on stage and in the direction of various productions. She has performed in El Dol Escau in Elèctra with Anna Lizaran at the Teatre Lliure in Barcelona, La Guardia Blanca at the Teatre Romea. She has worked with Irene Papas and Núria Espert in Medea at the Teatre Grec in Barcelona. In 2010 he created the theatre research company La Pell, with which he directed John Ford’s Lástima que Sea una Puta, and with which he directed and acted in Jean Paul Sartre’s Las Troyanas. His direction of William Shakespeare’s A Winter’s Tale was seen at the Sala Beckett.

She brings her philosophy of work into the classroom, which she combines with the Fitzmaurice® technique, of which she is an associate teacher. She has taught and directed productions at such prestigious schools as CalState University LA (Los Angeles), Shanghai Theatre Academy (Shanghai) and Jayd McCarty’s The Studio New York (New York). In countries such as India, Colombia, Canada, Finland, Poland and Italy, she has shared her technique through conferences and workshops. Creator of the International Fitzmaurice® Congresses and the Festival Escena Altafulla. Teacher since 1994 and Director of the School of Dramatic Art from 2013 to 2017 at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. Teacher trainer in the Fitzmaurice® technique.

Practical information

11th, 12th & 13th November 2022

Friday 16h – 19h
Saturday 10h – 13h & 14h – 17h
Sunday 11h – 14h

Price: 120€

The workshop is taught at


C/ Joan d’Àustria, 95-97, 1r 3a
08018 Barcelona

Marina (L1) or Bogatell (L4)


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– 15% discount (permanent) for Moveo students and former students of the regular courses.

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