The living song in the work of the actor/actress

16th, 17th & 18th March 2018

curs javier carcel

16-hours-workshop taught by Workcenter Studio in Residence members.

This course takes place at La Visiva, in Barcelona.

This encounter with the Workcenter Studio in Residence team will strive to unearth the creative potentialities of each participant through three lines of exploration:

Working in traditional songs:

The workshop will focus specifically on practical work on African and Afro-Caribbean songs. The workshop will approach singing through action, associations, intention and contact, under the guidance of the Workcenter Studio in Residence members. The work with the songs is an exploration of the potential impact that their rhythmic and melodic qualities can have on the people who sing.


Acting proposition based on song:

Participants will be asked to prepared an acting proposition: a three minute mini- performance based on a song of their choice. Each acting proposition should be repeatable, with a beginning, a development and an end. The song should have a unique quality, preferably an old song, maybe a song where you come from or your tradition or your family. The song should not be a personal composition or an improvisation.


Games in movement:

Participants will explore a physical work based on games in movement: games and exercises focused on awakening reactivity and contact with partners. This consists of practicing dynamic sequences of improvisation and structured games departing from a flow of associations and intentions, while following the tempo-rhythm of a leader.


16th, 17th & 18th of March 2018

Friday 16-20h
Saturday 10h-13h y de 14h – 17h
Sunday 10h-13h y de 14h – 17h

Price: 120€

The course is taught at La Visiva

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