The Physical Clown: the Universal Humour

28th – 29th January 2017

merche orchoa

10 hour clown course taught by Merche Orchoa.

The aim of this course is, through the red nose, to cross the door of our own madness; we will be kids, free, innocent and naïve.

The clown is born in the moment of greatest despair, that is, when it fails.We will work on awareness, availability, lightness, presence. We will look for the consciousness of the possibilities and limitations of our body, the instinct of inaction, breathing.

We look for the balance between the inside and the outside, the contact with the public and how to communicate with it.

We will learn to think and act like clowns: curiosity, ingenuity, wonder, and will explore the relationship with authority.



  • The Here and Now
  • Breathing silence.
  • Look and see.
  • The body in space.
  • Movement and inaction.

Participants should bring comfortable clothes. Flexible and lightweight shoes.

Merche Ochoa

Bachelor of Dramatic Art in the EAD of Rioja, ahe trained as a clown with Berty Tovias, Eric de Bont, Jango Edwards, Jonhny Melville and Philipe Gaulier among others

As Pedagogue she worked from 93 in theater schools of Barcelona such as Estudis de Teatre Berty Tovias, Estudis Escènics the Timbal, Teatro study Victor Hernnando, and as part of various festivals: International Clown Festival of Andorra, International Festival of Comicidade Women in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and the International Festival of Cornellà , she also gave workshops and training for professionals in Colombia, Switzerland, Italy and much of the Spanish geography

He collaborates with Psf as a pedagogue and clown in Equatorial Guinea, Nicaragua and Jordan.

As a clown she works in the “Trio for Noses” companies, “Papillon’s Clown’s”, “The Village Idiots”, “StarTres”

She has directed clowns and circus people like Caroline Dream, Panettone Brothers, The Pituister, Smile, Cirquet Confetti, Tiritirantes and many others in combined circus and cabarets.

In 2011 she founded the project for regular training in Clown “The Rinclowncito” and in 2014 she was awarded “National Circus Award” from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports


28th – 29th January 2017

Saturday 11h-14h and 15:30h – 18:30h
Sunday 10h – 14h

Price: 95 Euros

The course takes place at the Moveo Centre



  • 20% discount if you enrol one month before the course’s starting date.
  • 10% discount if you have the Carnet de Biblioteques de la Diputació de Barcelona or the Carnet Jove. The discount includes also any card member of the European Youth Card network.
  • 20% discount (permanent)for Moveo students and former students of the regular courses.

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