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26th – 27th January 2019

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What we believe to be what we are interpreting has to be connected to what we show. Maintaining only the essence, going deep and being involved, how can we express the maximum and get to convey an idea or an emotion clearly with the minimum gestures or words. In this workshop we learn to create “lights” with the body, through which the viewer can receive, capture or understand the density of each moment.

Every movement is necessary and needs a dramatic reason to exist. Each movement is a decision: the performer must have an acute consciousness of the sense of the story he/she is interpreting, and must know how to articulate it moment by moment. The goal is to convey to the viewer, in the most eloquent way possible and without words, the whole complexity of a dramatic moment.

This intensive training is composed of two parts, a first part of physical training based on Etienne Decroux’s Dramatic Corporeal Mime technique, and a second part in which students work in groups of two or three people on short scenes. These scenes, that have been written with a pedagogical purpose by the Troisième Génération Company, contain various stage indications and some text.

Sergi Emiliano

Actor, director and teacher, Sergi is co-founder of the company TROISIÈME GÉNÉRATION. He graduated in Interpretation at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona, and subsequently obtained a Master’s Degree in Theater Studies at the Paris University Sorbonne Nouvelle. With his Company, he has created, interpreted and directed six shows of physical theatre.

With a long experience as a teacher of physical techniques of interpretation, Sergi has taught in various schools in France and Europe. In March of 2019 his latest mise-en-scène will be premiered at the Théâtre13 of Paris, an adaptation to the theatre of La vie automatique by Christian Oster.


26th – 27th January 2019

Saturday 11h-14h and 15:30h – 18:30h
Sunday 10h – 14h

Price: 95€

The course is taught at Moveo Centre

C/ Joan d’Àustria, 95-97, 1r 3a
08018 Barcelona

Marina (L1) or Bogatell (L4)

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