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Cie. Zero en Conducta is back!

The 3rd edition of “The mechanics of the soul”, an objects’ animation workshop by Cie. Zero en Conducta


Don’t miss you chance to participate in this physical theatre and objects’ workshop, designed to increase the performers tools in movement, stimulate creation and to change the expression “manipulation of objects” to “animation of objects”.

During the weekend, we’ll work in the following elements:

  • We will learn the transposition of movement (from my body to the object)
  • Dynamic rhythms in manipulation.
  • Anthropomorphisation
  • Mask technique
  • Choreography with the object
  • Group listening (how to create a soul composed of many?)
  • Cleanliness, articulation and economy of movement in both the puppet and the manipulator
  • Breath (when does the life of an object begin?)


27th, 28th & 29th May de 2022

Friday 18h-21h
Saturday & Sunday 10h-14h and 15:30h-19:30h

Price: 140€ (*check our website to know if you can apply for a discount!)


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