Laboratory: Shared Territory – Building common grounds

3 – 4 June 2017

Danza Moveo
Cecilia 3

Dance 10-hours-course taught by Cecilia Colacrai.

The purpose of this laboratory is to deepen and develop in a physical and perceptive work, starting from the movement to investigate different possibilities of sharing time and space with others.

The aim is to achieve a body in alertness, attention and availability to learn from each other, to be modified, propose, hear and compose collectively, building an own and common language at a time.

Cecilia Colacrai

Dancer, independent creator and contemporary dance teacher. Part of the board of the APDC (Association of professional dancers of Catalonia) since 2011. Since 1995 she is interested in exploring areas of contemporary dance, improvisation, choreographic composition and other disciplines related to the movement and the performing arts.

Currently she is working independently with different artists such as Anna Rubirola and Mireia de Querol Collective Big Bouncers winner of the Sebastià Gasch prize 2015, with which manages the creative space La Visiva; Jorge Albuerne in the circus-dance pieces “Gira” and “Último, el baile”; Joao Lima and Anna Rubirola in the piece “Morder la Lengua”; with Grup LaBolsa (Iris Heitzinger, Natalia Jimenez, Anna Rubirola, Federica Porello, Mireia de Querol, Xavi Moreno, Cecilia Colacrai) and Thomas Hauert in the show “La medida del desorden” premiered in July 2015 as part of the Grec Festival Barcelona. With her solo works “Sola?” (2005) and “La incorruptible belleza de la distancia” (2011), presented in different festivals in Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, Cuba and Argentina.

She has worked with different choreographers: Alexis Eupierre, Montse Colomé, Toni Mira y Cia. Nats Nus (Barcelona); Cia. Grivet Emmanuel (France); Group Republica Cênica (Brazil); Gabriela Solini (Arg-Eng), Tragant-Danza and la Caldera (Barcelona), Cultural Assoc Finmatun; Sudansa (dance in schools), among others.

She offers classes in contemporary dance, improvisation and composition since 1997 in Argentina and since 2002 in Barcelona and other cities in Europe and Latin America.


3-4 June 2017

Saturday 11h-14h & 15:30h – 18:30h
Sunday 10h – 14h

Price: 95 Euros

The course is taught in Moveo Center

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  • 20% discount (permanent) for Moveo students and former students of the regular courses.

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