Our training in Corporeal Mime and Physical Theatre places the actor/actress at the centre of artistic creation.

The two-year Diploma Programme expands the performer’s technique and develops the physical imagination. At the same time, it encourages students to devise original work through a method that requires improvisational skills and research. We believe that regular daily training and practice is essential to develop awareness through movement, autonomy and strong theatre skills.

The specialisation programme (3rd year), situates the actor as author, creator and performer. It allows participants to develop their own style through research and self-discovery. It gives them the opportunity to share their own vision of theatre and its relationship to contemporary theatre practice, audiences and the community.

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Entrenamiento creativo en teatro físico

Evening trimester course open to all levels

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We are reopening our quarterly afternoon course for those who wish to explore the expressive possibilities of the body and/or improve their physical expression!

In these sessions, we propose a work of physical awareness and exploration of the richness of movement as a means of expression and relational tool. Through guided exercises and creative dynamics, participants will discover a wider universe, a safe space in which they can test, discover and expand their abilities.

Second term: January 9th to March 21st: 22 sessions
Tuesdays and Thursdays – 7pm to 9pm

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International Summer Course

35 hours intensive workshop in Barcelona.

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21st edition of this international Moveo course which aims at teaching the most important principles of corporeal mime in a multicultural and creative environment.

In this 35 hours course we will study technical and artistic knowledge to develop interpretative skills, improve physical control and expressiveness, and put the body at the service of the imagination. Every year, students and professionals from over 10 different countries participate and we work with the level of each and every one.

8th to 19th July 2023
Monday to Friday 10am to 1.30pm

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Moveo courses


Moveo creative training

Intensive Workshop

3-day workshop, taught by Stéphane Lévy, which focuses, through the training methods developed by the Moveo Company, on the creation of a theatrical and creative body.

The aim of this short Moveo course is to discover essential notions such as articulation, weight, rhythm or causalities, which can become a source of inspiration and bring improvements in artistic work.

The work will focus mainly on experimental research through group dynamics and the expressive possibilities of physical action.

19 to 21 September 2023
4pm to 7pm
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Moveo is a member of ACET (Associació Catalana d’Escoles de Teatre), granting us a seal of quality, fulfilling a series of requirements that guarantee that students receive quality training.