This year’s Moveo courses offer a wide range of training in Physical Theatre and Corporeal Mime. Each course is designed to explore, discover and perfect the techniques of movement, physical performance and corporal expression, based on the method of Étienne Decroux and the techniques developed by Moveo over the last 20 years.

The programmes are aimed at both beginners and professionals looking to deepen their artistic practice in a creative and collaborative environment.

Presentation of the Moveo Diploma programme
Presentation of the Moveo Diploma programme

Profesional training in Physical Theatre

Yearly Course

October to June

The MOVEO Centre offers a full-time professional training programme in physical theatre, based on the dramatic corporeal mime developed by Etienne Decroux. The training provides students with a solid foundation on which to build or continue their artistic career in the field of performing arts, specialising in physical theatre.

Moveo courses