7 benefits of using Corporeal Mime for acting training

Corporeal Mime, created by Étienne Decroux in the 20th century and developed by three generations of researchers and performers since then, offers a profound approach to physical theatre that goes beyond conventional acting methods. This discipline has a strong emphasis on articulation and control of the body to convey emotions and complex narratives. For actors, working with Corporeal Mime for acting training has numerous benefits that enhance their performance skills, presence and expressiveness on stage.

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Celebration 20 years of the Diploma Course

Next year we will celebrate 20 years of the Diploma Course in Physical theatre and Corporeal Mime. During these two decades, we have seen this program grow and become a reference in the world of physical theatre, providing our students with the tools necessary to become independent and versatile artists, as well as allowing to create a community of artists, a network of performers and creators that continues to relate to the Centre.

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Coming soon : International Summer Workshop!

If you are interested in physical theatre, want to improve your skills in movement and acting or simply explore a different way of approaching theatre and movement, our International Summer Course in Barcelona is for you. The workshop runs from 8-19 July 2024, and offers an immersive experience in corporal mime and physical theatre suitable for participants of all levels.

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“Gesture And Relations” Workshops In Tàrrega

Last month, the Moveo team travelled to Tàrrega to carry out a series of special workshops called ‘Gesture and relations’. These workshops are aimed at children and young people of various ages, from primary to secondary school, with the aim of bringing them closer to movement and the tools of the performing arts.

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What is Physical Theatre?

Physical theatre, an art form that fuses movement, gesture and expression, has significantly shaped the landscape of the performing arts throughout the 20th century. In essence, physical theatre transcends conventional boundaries and uses the body as its primary means of expression. Thanks to the innovative contributions of renowned figures such as Etienne Decroux, Vsevolod Meyerhold and Jacques Lecoq, physical theatre has evolved into a dynamic form that challenges both actors and dancers to explore the complexities of movement and expression.

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Do you know about Body Weather?

In the world of dance and performance, there is a fascinating approach that delves into the intersection between the body and its surroundings. This approach is called Body Weather, or body climatology, and is a comprehensive training and performance practice that has inspired movement artists around the world. On this journey of self-discovery through body and space is the featured teacher of this course, Andrés Corchero.

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Cia Zero in Conducta returns to Moveo

We are delighted to welcome back the Zero en Conducta Company on 17,18,19 November 2023 at the Moveo Centre for another successful course. Our history with Zero en Conducta is long and goes back to when Putxa and Julieta trained in the physical theatre diploma programme at the centre. This training was the catalyst for their artistic encounter. This is how we want Moveo to be: a place of learning, but, above all, a place of encounters.

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Our creative training course in the evening is about to start!

We are thrilled to welcome back our evening theatre and movement course!After more than 8 years of success, we present a renewed and updated version that continues to attract people from all horizons. This exciting course aims to enrich your life through movement, regardless of your level of experience. Best of all, it is designed for everyone, even if you…

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Discover the photos of the work in progress of Moveo´s 3rd year course

At the end of June, the Sandaru Civic Center was filled with creativity and excitement when the students of the specialization program (3rd year of Moveo Diploma) presented the progress of their creative projects. The atmosphere was charged with expectations and enthusiasm, and the result was impressive. At the Center and the teaching team, we could not be happier and…

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Ready for a new multicultural diploma course

We are excited to begin our new diploma course. It is a moment we look forward to every year. On this occasion, we are pleased to announce that we will be welcoming students from all over the world, which will further enrich our academic community. Among the countries represented, we will have students from India, New Zealand, Italy, France, Colombia,…

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Zero en Conducta offers a creation workshop

Enrolment is now open for the "From the soul to the matter" workshop that will take place on the 24th, 25th & 26th March 2023 at Moveo Centre! During the workshop we will work from a creation desire through objects' animation and also from a collective essence. We will create together with other performing arts artists, as well as Zero…

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The Training Group is back!

ENROL ON OUR TRAINING GROUP FOR PROFESSIONALS   Moveo reopens theses training sessions in order to seek, through the training methods we have been developing for the past fifteen years, the creation of a theatrical and creative body. The course is directed by Stéphane Lévy, and sessions are led together with other members of Cia Moveo. Participants will work with…

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BOOK YOUR PLACE In January the 2nd term of the Evening Course will start again, taught by Kakà Degaspari, continuing the technique work on Corporeal Mime. The course is designed to allow everyone to join in any term, withouth having to participate in the classes that started in October. Don't miss this oportunity to train in Physical Theatre at you…


Do you want to take a look at the Evening Course?

Save the date on the 20th of December! At 20:00h the Evening Course's group will be offering an open presention of their work! The group will make some class exercices on Corporeal Mime and they will present two pieces in which they have been working during this term. Also, on the 21st of December enrolment will open for the 2nd…

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In October The Evening Course is starting!

OUR REGULAR COURSES ARE STARTING   In two weeks the 1st term of the Evening Course is starting, an introductory training on Corporeal Mime and Physical Theatre thaught by Kaká Degáspari. During the sessions participants will work around the following concepts: The three-dimensionality of the body and its stage presence Directions and clarity of the body in space Physical articulation…

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“What gesture do we need today?” is an international, digital and social art project, co-financed by various public bodies, which invites people of all ages to participate in Barcelona. The project aims to work on the question of what gesture we need today in relation to the circumstances of separation and distancing that we have been experiencing since the beginning…


2021-2022 PROGRAMME

We are announcing our 2021-2022 courses!   You can now take a look to our website to see all the courses we are offering next year. For the moment, we share with you the list of courses for this term:   REGULAR COURSES Evening Course (enrolment open) Tuesday and Thursday 19h to 21h Octuber – December   INTENSIVE COURSES The…

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“The newspaper”, World Theatre Day

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On the 27th of March we celebrate the World Theatre Day, and we decided to go outside and present the piece "The newspaper" in Barcelona. This is one of the pieces that are taught in the Repertoire subject, within the Diploma Programme on Physical Theatre and Corporeal Mime. The Flickr album is ready, you can access the pictures here: "The newspaper"…

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