New Moveo Teachers!

Nuevos profesores moveo

This year, we welcome Wong Chun Him (Bosco), Pau Garcia and Laia Campamà, who, after completing Moveo’s professional training and a year of teaching practice, have joined Moveo as teachers to further enrich our educational offer and bring new energy and ideas to Moveo.

Teacher Training at the Centre: A Way Forward

Wong Chun Him, originally from Hong Kong, and Pau Garcia and Laia Campamà, from Catalonia, share a formative journey within Moveo. All three completed our Diplomatura, followed by the Specialisation Programme, presented their own creation projects, and have dedicated an additional year to pedagogical practices at the centre. This extensive period of training and practice has allowed them not only to understand and put into practice the techniques and methodologies of teaching, but also to become immersed in the philosophy and pedagogical ethic of our centre.

This new Moveo pedagogical training programme is an essential component of our educational model. It allows new generations, with their artistic concerns and orientations, to be fully integrated into our training. This programme not only ensures the continuity of our educational quality, but also enriches our environment with new perspectives and approaches to the technique of Corporeal Mime. The incorporation of Bosco, Pau and Laia is a clear example of how this programme fosters the development of talents and ensures that our students receive a first class education.

Laia campama

Wong Chun Him: A Journey From Hong Kong

Bosco, with his diverse cultural heritage and experience as an actor in Hong Kong, brings a different vision to Moveo’s teaching team. He came to Barcelona with the purpose of working in dramatic body mime, demonstrating his dedication and passion for this discipline. During his teaching practice, Wong Chun Him connected very well with the students, inspiring them with his creativity, disciplined approach and humour. He also actively collaborates with other artists at the centre, such as Aravind TM, and has participated in Sophie Kasser’s research project, “The Renec of Euga”. We are very excited to see him take on a more active role as a teacher next year.

Pau Garcia and Laia Campamà: Local talent and passion for physical theatre

Pau and Laia represent the local talent that has found in Moveo the ideal space to grow. Pau, with his infectious energy and care for the students, has stood out during his internship for his skills in teaching body mime. Laia, for her part, has already started teaching this year, with notable success in the Creative Training course that she has taken throughout the year. Her ability to motivate and guide students has been widely recognised, and her dedication has been key to the success of the programme. They both work together in the Col-lectiu La Diògenes, a project that allows them to explore and develop new forms of artistic expression. They have also participated in Sophie Kasser’s research project, “El Renec de Euga”.

Pau garcía
Profesores moveo

Creative, Caring, and Good Pedagogues

Bosco, Pau and Laia are not only beloved members of our community, but also embody the qualities we value at Moveo: courage, professionalism, creativity and a great aptitude for pedagogy. Their addition to the teaching team is not only a recognition of their skills and achievements, but also a commitment to a future where the teaching of physical theatre and body mime continues to evolve and adapt to new artistic and educational realities. In addition to their role as teachers, all three continue to be active as artists, which allows them to bring a fresh and updated perspective to their teaching.

Looking Forward to the Future

The integration of Bosco and Pau as teachers next year, together with the consolidation of Laia in her current role, marks a new chapter in Moveo’s history. We are convinced that their contribution will significantly enrich our Diploma Course, as well as the other courses at the centre, offering students an even more complete and diversified education.We strongly believe in the importance of dynamic and adaptive education, reflecting both tradition and innovation. Allowing a new generation of teachers to arrive is both a pleasure and a hope for continuity and change at the same time. The arrival of these new teachers is a testament to our commitment to this vision, and we are confident that, under their guidance, our students will continue to grow artistically and personally.

With the incorporation of Laia, Pau and Bosco, Moveo’s future is full of new possibilities. Welcome to the team!

Stéphane Lévy
Co-Director of the Moveo Centre