We are saying goodbye to 2018 and welcoming 2019!

adios moveo 2018

We had a great and intense 2018, and have the pleasure to share with you some highlights of our year!



  • The Cia Moveo has been on an international tour of more than 60 presentations, with our award-winning show “Conseqüències”, to countries such as Korea, Hungary, Holland, Spain and United Kingdom.
  • 2019 will be packed with other destinations like Belgium, Portugal, Lithuania, South Africa or Switzerland.
  • With the company we’ve had the pleasure to collaborate in training projects for entities such as L’Altre Festival, Festival Sismògraf, Platforme-Plattform (France), French Federation of Sports on Ice and International School of Azerbaijan.
  • We have also started a exciting collaboration with the European Project “Unreal Cities”, that will culminate in a final presentation in Croatia in 2020.
  • During 2018 we’ve had the pleasure to welcome in residency the companies SiTuT’imagines, Mai Rojas y los Escultores del Aire and the artist Siziana Reiser.



  • In June we finished with very good results another school year of our Diploma Programme in Corporal Mime and Physical Theatre. We presented in the Can Felipa Theatre the shows Una hora y algo directed by Sophie Kasser and Olivier Décriaud and Reconocer, directed by Stéphane Lévy. Soon the videos will be available here.
  • We are also thrilled to start collaborating with Maria Antonia Sales with voice work, and have a new “Anatomy of the body” seminar, given by Raquel Banal.
  • On 1st of October we started a new school year of our Diploma Programme with students from 16 different countries. We continue working proudly with the teachers Olivier Décriaud, Mai Rojas, Montse Bonet and Cecilia Colacrai, and we welcome Sergio Martínez!

To receive the information of all our activities, register on our webpage www.moveo.cat for the Centre, and consult www.ciamoveo.cat for the Company’s activity, or follow us on social networks Facebook Moveo Centro / Moveo Cía, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, Youtube, Google+.


We invite you to visit us during 2019 and are always happy to receive your news! Moveo is starting to be a big community of people, and we will prepare a big party for our 15th anniversary in 2020! Keep in touch and take care,


Sophie Kasser and Stéphane Lévy

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