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The MOVEO Centre offers a full-time professional training programme in physical theatre, based on the dramatic corporeal mime developed by Etienne Decroux. The training provides students with a solid foundation on which to build or continue their artistic career in the field of performing arts, specialising in physical theatre.

The 2 years Diploma Programme in physical theatre is divided into five main blocks: technique, improvisation, composition, repertoire and creative practice. It is a specific training focused on corporal mime. Furthermore, it also includes other subjects such as actor’s training, dance, physical training and vocal work, with the aim of enriching the creative and expressive possibilities of the students.

The specialisation programme (3rd year) allows students to finish their training with a project of their own devising. This project is closely mentored by the Moveo teaching team and encourages the possibility of forming companies for future projects.

One of the key objectives of this artistic training is for students to acquire the knowledge and methods that allow them to use their physicality as a central element of creation and interpretation. Additionally, the training we offer facilitates the development of methodologies that ensure stage movement effectively reflects the forces at play in both dramatic and non-dramatic situations (relationship, state of mind, conflict, desire, etc.). The performer’s body is at the service of their imagination and is placed at the centre of the drama thus making it the centre of theatrical creation.

Physical theatre programme

1st cycle: Diploma programme in Corporeal Mime (2 years)
- 1st course: Initiation (750 hours)

- 2nd course: Advanced (750 hours)

2nd cycle: Specialisation programme (1 year)

- 3rd course: Specialisation (600 hours)
The duration of each course is one school year (October to June).



The training offered by Moveo is a training aimed at the performing arts. Therefore, it is essential that the students, within the school, can face the stage experience, the reality of working in public, whether it is the rest of the study group or an external audience.

As for the methodology employed in each learning block, it consists of a continuous alternation of technical study phases and presentation phases. Additionally, these presentations are also an opportunity for students to receive continuous feedback on their work. Each block concludes with a presentation, whether open to the public or not.

The Moveo training  aims at bringing together all the learning blocks in order to generate a transversal knowledge of the different skills of the physical theatre actor/actress/creator.

Furthermore, each level concludes with the public presentation of a performance directed by Moveo teachers.
 During the course, the students work in different modalities: collective work of the whole group, separated by levels or in reduced groups.

Metodologia moveo



At Moveo, our aim is to offer specific and innovative training, to provide the movement artist with a space of reference and support for their professional development, to encourage dialogue and exchange between artists and professionals from different places, to continue research and investigation in order to increase the quality of physical theatre performances. For this reason, being part of the MOVEO Diploma programme also means having access to:

  • Rehearsal rooms
  • Tutoring
  • Student card
  • Informative mailing with announcements and castings
  • Loan of articles and books
  • Discounts in theatres and services
  • Participation in animations and events
  • Accompaniment for foreign students
  • Contact with international artists through open rehearsals and residencies
For me, Moveo is the perfect place to learn, create and develop yourself as an actor with and excellent training programm and professionals. - Ondona, España
Thank you very much for the professionalism of your work and for your personal attention. - Txus, Catalunya
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Moveo is part of the ACET (Catalana Association of Theatre Schools), granting us a seal of quality, fulfilling a series of requirements that guarantee that students receive quality training.

The ACET’s work is recognized by the Catalan actors’ syndicate; the AADPC –Associació d’Actors I Directors Professionals de Catalunya-, which supports the students who have accomplished their professional studies in any school and want to be members of the syndicate.