Moveo plan de estudion
3rd year: Specialisation (600 hours)
The duration of the programme is one academic year
(October to June)

Moveo’s physical theatre and corporeal mime specialisation programme

The third-year program is exclusively designed for students who have successfully graduated from the diploma program. The main objective of this program is to delve deeper into the study of corporeal mime and physical theatre, while also helping students to build an autonomous practice in both technical and artistic fields. Throughout the program, students are given the opportunity to hone their skills and explore new techniques, all under the guidance of experienced teaching staff. By the end of the program, students will have acquired a comprehensive understanding of corporeal mime and physical theatre, and will be well-equipped to pursue a career in this field.


Devised Project

The specialisation programme revolves around the creation of the student’s own project during the course.
This process begins in the second term, when students have to present a first dossier with a proposal to be evaluated. There is also a follow-up of the production stages until the day of a work-in-progress in a theatre in Barcelona.

This design of the work is free and can take different forms, depending on the student’s desire to find a form of expression and application of the knowledge learned at school. Participants from outside the school will be able to take part in this project as members of the project’s artistic team.

During the months of May and June, the students have a rehearsal space in the afternoons and the creative process is supervised by the teaching staff, who monitor the rehearsals. These rehearsals are usually combined with residencies in cultural centres in the city.

Moveo corporeal mime programme
Teatro físico y mimo corporal

Technique - Improvisation - Repertory

Third-year students follow the physical theatre and corporeal mime technique, repertoire and improvisation classes with the Diploma students during the first two terms, but with specific tasks and different evaluation criteria. Depending on the group and level, they also work on a specific repertoire piece.


During the second term, each student prepares and supervises a creative project with a small group of 2nd year students as an external eye, which allow them to approach and understand directing issues in the field of physical theatre and corporeal mime.

In the third term, the students take part in the classes until the end of April and, in parallel, begin to create their own projects autonomously, supervised by the pedagogical team.

Curso septiembre

Contemporary dance

Through different movement techniques (Flying low, reléase, manipulations, etc.), we work to achieve an open and available body, flexible to changes and adaptable to the shared space and time. Through movement phrases, the mechanics found are put into practice, constructing routes that travel through space. With contact tools and other techniques, different possibilities are worked on so that two or more bodies can share their weights, time and space, moving from the meeting of contact points and listening to the body’s directions.

Professionalisation support programme

Our school is dedicated to helping students pursue their passions and turn them into successful careers. As such, third-year students can submit their projects to the Moveo professionalisation support programme, which provides them with a programme of residencies as well as artistic and technical mentoring.

This programme aims at providing them with the means, skills and knowledge in physical theatre and corporeal mime needed to transform their artistic aspirations into tangible achievements.

Projects created

The projects created by our students are a clear indication of their hard work, and a genuine representation of their distinct artistic voice and abilities. We are confident that these students will continue to make important contributions to the field of physical theatre and corporeal mime , and we eagerly anticipate witnessing their ongoing success in the years ahead.