Ready for a new multicultural diploma course

Esto es mi mano
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We are excited to begin our new diploma course.

It is a moment we look forward to every year. On this occasion, we are pleased to announce that we will be welcoming students from all over the world, which will further enrich our academic community. Among the countries represented, we will have students from India, New Zealand, Italy, France, Colombia, Spain, Turkey, UK, and many others.

Cultural diversity has always been a fundamental aspect of the Moveo Centre.

This diversity has become an added value in our approach to physical theatre and artistic training. With almost two decades of experience in teaching the performing arts, our teaching team recognises the richness that comes from the interaction between different cultures and approaches to the body and movement.


Beyond the teaching itself, the multicultural composition of the diploma course becomes an additional learning tool. It offers our students the opportunity to learn how to manage intercultural relationships and provide mutual support in a collaborative environment.

Through living in this multicultural group, cross-cultural skills are developed that are crucial for the future of a performing arts artist. Learning to work with others, understanding and respecting cultural differences, and experiencing first-hand that cooperation can take us further than competition, are valuable lessons that we encourage at our centre.

Esto es mi mano

We understand that it is not only about training talented artists, but also about cultivating individuals who can contribute meaningfully to society through their values of cooperation, understanding and mutual respect. We look forward to seeing how this diverse group of students will bring their unique perspectives to the world of physical theatre and the performing arts in general.

Looking forward to a year full of learning, collaboration and creativity!