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The human body, with its presence on stage and constant expression, is the one thing all performing arts share. From text theatre, to dance or physical theatre, all performing arts primarily take place in the body of the performer. The human body is the first image seen by the spectator; it is a vector of immediate expression. With training, it enables the performer to be in control of his/her expression, to direct it, to project it, to be subtle and more sensitive.

MOVEO offers an evening course divided in three trimesters directed at those wishing to maintain and enhance their interpretative abilities. In these sessions the performer will work on physical consciousness, discovering the body’s expressive possibilities and explore the wealth of interpretation that lies in the body.

Even though the trimesters are independent pedagogical capsules, they are interconnected, allowing a personalized follow-up of each participant according to his/her path of assimilation and understanding of the work. In this way, the students deepen into their own journey class by class, regardless of the trimester in which they started their process.

Each trimester responds to 3 basic pedagogical principles that are repeated and deepened from different perspectives throughout the year:

1. The game as a path to discovery:

During the first trimester we approach the work from a playful angle, from games and exercises that allow students to understand the concept of a “talking body”, capable of showing emotions, thoughts, characters or situations starting from the body as the main means of expression.

2. Grammar as a tool for technical growth:

Without neglecting the playful spirit (an important state for any theatrical creator) we deepen more in the precision and execution of the students in their relationship with the technique, refining their physical tools so that they get to do what they want and not only what they can.

3. Creation as a means to capture the creative imaginary of each student:

The last trimester focuses on the creation of physical scores and the ability to articulate a story based on movement. The basic principles studied in the first and second trimesters are recapitulated in order to use them practically in a theatre devising context.

According to the needs of the group, we devise solo works, in pairs, trios or as a whole group.


During the sessions we will work on the following:

  • The three-dimensionality of the body and its stage presence
  • Directions and clarity of the body in space
  • Physical articulation and knowledge of the physical instrument
  • The imbalance: the use of weight as the primary principle of the theatre conflict
  • Punctuation marks: the use of rhythm as a means of dramatic intention
  • Physical scores: from movement to action
  • Repertoire and Devised work


The Evening Course takes place following the health requirements needed to guarantee the safety of the group (mask, physical distance and small groups). In case of the event of new restrictions regulated by the Health Department of the Government of Catalonia, the classes could be taught online or semi-online (with half of the group), being sure that we provide pedagogical progress for the participants.



This groups is for students with a short or non-academic background in physical theater or corporeal mime who want to know a little more about it.

Timetable: Tuesdays and Thursdays 19h-21h

Price per term: 215€ / 2 days a week
* Price for the whole semester, with no additional fees.

Dates of the terms (you can enrol for one term ore more):
1T: 4 October to 20 December 2022
* There won’t be class on the 1st of November & 6th & 8th of December.
2T: 10 January to 23 March 2023
3T: 11 April to 22 June 2023


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I appreciate the generosity with which they develop and share their experience. - Sara Rosa

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