Moveo training group

Moveo reopens theses training sessions in order to seek, through the training methods we have been developing for the past fifteen years, the creation of a theatrical and creative body.

Stéphane Lévy leads this Training Group, in addition to facilitate weekly sessions in collaboration with other Cia Moveo’s members.

The objectives of this group are:

– To deepen into the corporal work of connection between the movement and the interpretation, between the body and the person.

–  To discover and investigate physical dialogue tools used in the company’s creative processes, putting them at the service of each other’s work.

– To work on the idea of chronology, progression and change in movement, emphasizing the work of the trunk and the spine as the central axis.

Taking the body and movement as the basis for this work, through formal guidelines, the participants will explore how to transform them into interpretive and creative opportunities.

The work will focus mainly on a dynamic of experimentation and research on the expressive possibilities of physical action.

The participants will be able to discover and understand how the essential notions of Corporeal Mime such as articulation, weight, rhythm, causality, etc. can become a source of inspiration and an improvement in their professional work outside of a properly decrousian field.

Practical Information

Course Schedule: Tuesdays from 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Price: 155€
* Price for the entire course, no enrolment fees

Dates: From 17th January to 21st March 2023

The course is taught at Moveo Centre

C/ Joan d’Àustria, 95-97, 1r 3a
08018 Barcelona

Marina (L1) or Bogatell (L4)


The Moveo Training Group is designed for professionals who have previous training in the field of Performing Arts and students who want to explore the tools of Corporeal Mime, as well as the methodology developed by Moveo. For this reason, we ask you to fill out the enrolment form below, to ensure that the participants meet the required artistic profile and guarantee the group level of work

Once you receive your form, we will contact you to formalize the enrolment in the course.

If you have already participated in other Moveo courses, you don’t need to send us the form. Write to us to!

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