Moveo teaching team is composed for highly qualified teachers in the field of physical theater and corporeal mime and, aswell as teachers from other areas who come to enrich the educational possibilities of the School.

All the team members are active professionals, either as directors, actors, or choreographers.



Performer, creator and teacher, Sophie is co-founder of Moveo, training centre and company. Her interest goes towards the expressive human body and artistic creation using the body as main element of communication.

Born in Switzerland and professionally active in London and Barcelona, she was a member of the international company Théâtre de l’Ange Fou during several years in London. With it, and later with the Cia Moveo, she has toured with shows in countries such as Belgium, Croatia, Spain, France, Israel, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Romania and Switzerland.

She has participated and/or directed projects for the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, the University of Barcelona – Centre de Recerca DUODA, Dies de Dansa – festival GREC of Barcelona, NOVIA – University of Applied Sciences of Finland, Festival International d’Improvisation Théâtrale de l’Île de la Réunion and the International Festival of Physical Theatre of the Caribbean.

In Spain and Europe, she has given classes and workshops in: School of Speech and Drama of London, Conservatoire Populaire of Geneva, Pedagogical High School of Aarau (Switzerland), Schools of Dramatic Art of Valencia, Vigo and Palma de Mallorca, Association of Actors of the Balearic Islands, Festival of Sueca amongst others.

Trained in theatre, circus and dance in Geneva, Paris and London, Sophie hold a diploma of the International School of Corporeal Mime of London where she also post-graduated in Teaching and Directing.



Born in Paris, Stéphane graduated in Philosophy before completing a diploma in Corporeal Mime at the London International School of Corporeal Mime, directed by Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum, the last assistants of Etienne Decroux. He studied vocal technique with J. Wilde, A.-M. Speed and P. van Zyl. From 1997 to 1999 he followed the post-grade programme of the school, specializing in Teaching and Directing.

From 1999 to 2002 he assisted S. Wasson and C. Soum, teaching at the London Corporeal Mime School.

During this period, and for five years, he was also member of the company “Théâtre de l’Ange Fou”, and participated in the creation of six of its productions, with which the company toured Europe.

From then to the present day, he has lead workshops in festivals, schools and companies, such as: Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Central School of Speech and Drama of London, London International Mime Festival in the U.K.; Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, Escuelas Superiores de Arte Dramático de Valencia and Vigo, Associació d’actors de les Illes Balears, among others.

In 2004, Stéphane, together with Sophie Kasser, founded MOVEO- Training and creation centre. He is co-director of the Escuela Internacional de Mimo Corporal Dramático de Barcelona, and co-artistic director of the Cia Moveo, with whom he has won several awards: the most recent ones are the Best Show Award (dance category) of the International Theater and Dance Fair of Huesca’15, the Mais Award for Best Company of the Imaginarius International Festival’16 (Portugal) and the Moritz FiraTàrrega’17 Award for Best Street Arts Premiere.


Since 2005 he teaches physical theatre for actors and directors at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, teaching both in the national school of the theatre and in the dance conservatory.



Graduated in French literature, he trained in physical theatre and mime with Ivan Bacchiochi and Robert Bennett in Paris, Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum at the International School of Corporeal Mime in London, from which he holds a diploma.

He is a one of the founding members and actor of Moveo Teatro since 2005 and teaches at the Col·legi del Teatre de Barcelona and at the Moveo centre. He was a member of the company Théâtre de l’Ange Fou in London and has since worked on various projects and short films as an actor. He has toured with shows to Croatia, Spain, Italy, France, England, Israel Rumania and Poland.

He teaches or has taught for various schools and organisations, and worked in collaboration withfi the Alliance Française of Port Said (Egypt), Glob’culture (France) and , in Barcelona, El plato de ciné, the centre Amalia and the French Institute, for which he still works. Most recently, he performed in « ARA! » (Now!), the last production from Moveo as well as in an adaptation from John Ford’s « ’Tis pity she’s a whore », for the first time translated and performed in catalan, directed by Anna Estrada (La Pell company).

During the last years, Olivier also specialised in teaching French through theatre, giving classes and workshops for french teachers.



Dancer, independent creator and contemporary dance teacher since 2002.

Currently she is working independently with different artists such as Anna Rubirola and Mireia de Querol Collective Big Bouncers, with which manages the creative space La Visiva; Joao Lima and Anna Rubirola in the piece “Morder la Lengua”, awarded with the Klauss Vianne Prize, circulating for 5 capital cities in Brazil in 2016; with Grup LaBolsa and Thomas Hauert in the show “La medida del desorden” premiered in July 2015 as part of the Grec Festival Barcelona. She also works with the choreographer Emmanuel Grivet in different projects related to improvisation. With her solo works “Sola?” (2005) and “La incorruptible belleza de la distancia” (2011), presented in different festivals in Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, Cuba and Argentina.

She has worked with different choreographers and creators: Jorge Albuerne Alexis Eupierre, Montse Colomé, Toni Mira & Cia. Nats Nus (Barcelona); Inés Bozza, Cia Gabriela Solini, Cia Tumaka’t, Tragant-Dansa and la Caldera (Barcelona), and she is also part of projects related to video-dance, developed with Cultural Assoc Finmatun, among others.

She offers classes in contemporary dance, improvisation and composition since 1997 in Argentina and since 2002 in Barcelona and other cities in Europe and Latin America. She is also part pf the project Sudansa since 2009 (dance in schools), and the project Tot Dansa since 2016. Moreover, this year the Collective Big Bouncers is part of the project En Residencia.

She has benn part of the board of the APDC (Association of professional dancers of Catalonia) since 2011 until 2017, and La Caldera Les Corts until 2017.


Theatre actor, author and director, graduated from the Jacques Lecoq International Theatre School, in Paris, and by the Escalante Theatre Centre, in Valencia. He also graduated in Sound from the School of Audiovisual Means of Barcelona.

He starts his professional career as an actor in 1999 and since then he has been working with different theatre companies, with which he has participated in more than twenty shows. From 2001 he has directed shows for L’Horta Teatre, A Tempo Dansa, Teatro Inquieto, Teatro de la Saca, Fensonbuá Cia de Danza and Germina Producciones.

Among the awards obtained by the shows he participated in, one can find FETEN Best Director Award; Audience Award and Best Adaptation Abril Award; Best Show Award of the Leioa Theatre Fair; Best Show Award of Fira Tàrrega; Best Show Award of the Aguilar de Campoo Festival; FETEN Audience Award and Revelation MAX Awards nominee.

In his teaching career, he has giving courses for the Scène Nationale, in France; for the National Theatre School and National Dance School, in Costa Rica; for Kakiseni in Malaysia and for different creation centres in Spain.


Graduated in Dramatic Art from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. Certified in Fitzmaurice voicework.

Outstanding artistic works: Fàtima written and directed by Jordi Prat i Coll (Teatre Lliure); Mare de sucre written and directed by Clàudia Cedó (Gira per Catalunya); Una gossa en un descampat by Claudia Cedó directed by Sergi Belbel (Sala Beckett i CDN); Fairfly by Joan Yago directed by Israel Sola (T. Tantarantana, La Villarroel and Festival de Otoño de Madrid); Galileu by B.Brecht directed by Carme Portaceli (Club Capitol); Troianes 15 by J.P.Sartre directed by Anna Estrada (Teatre Akadèmia); Fedra by J. Racine directed by Sergi Belbel (Teatre Romea); Nit de reis by W.Shakespeare directed by Adrià Aubert (Círcol Maldà); Fuenteovejuna o breve tratado… by Anna M Ricart directed by Ricard Soler (Espai Brossa and tour through Spain); La Bête by David Hirson directed by Sergi Belbel (TNC); Llàstima que sigui una puta by John Ford directed by Anna Estrada (Teatre Akadèmia); Fora de Joc by Sergi Belbel, directed by Cristina Clemente (Teatre Capitol); La corda fluixa directed by Adrià Aubert (Círcol Maldà); Espectres d’H. Ibsen, directed by Magda Puyo (Teatre Romea).

Founder of the company Les Bianchis (with three family shows on tour).

Pedagogy and acting coach: Voice teacher at the Institut del Teatre since 2017. Voice teacher at the ESAD of Eòlia from 2018 to 2021. Acting coach in the show Harakiri by Cia Les Impuxibles (TNC).


She graduated from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona in 2017 in Acting, specializing in text. The same year, she was certified as a teacher of the Fitzmaurice Voicework® voice technique.

Since then she has worked with directors such as Juan Carlos Martel Bayod in La Malaltia at the Teatre Lliure (2021), Raimon Molins in a reprise of Richard III in La Seca-Espai Brossa (2019), Alícia Gorina (2019-2020) in a stage experiment at the Teatre Principal in Palma and the Sala Beckett with the text Els ulls dels altres, by Sadurní Vergés. She has also worked with emerging artists in works such as Rosa Mutabilis, written and directed by Sadurní Vergés with a short tour of Catalonia, and Ànsia by Sarah Kane directed by Júlia Barceló.

In 2017 she premiered Bombers by Jean-Benoît Patricot, directed by Jordi Vilà, a work with which she was awarded the prize for best female performance in the Balearic Islands (ATAPIB). The same years he participated in Això és un drama at the Teatro Romea with Llops. In addition, she has been collaborating with Mallorca Literària on different projects since 2018. She is currently setting up her own company La Filla del Capità with the show Què més vivia en aquell lloc, tret de nosaltres?, premiered at Temporada Alta 2020 of Girona.

She combines her work as an actress with teaching oral expression and voice technique at schools such as Eòlia, Àrea, Actua! Studio and Centro Moveo.


Actor and director born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Graduated in Acting at “CAL – Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras” (Rio de Janeiro – Brazil). He graduated from the Diploma Programme in Physical Theatre and Corporeal Mime at the Moveo Centre (Barcelona). His training also includes: physical theatre with Roberta Carreri (Odin Teatret); Lecoq work with Andreas Simma (Théâtre du Soleil); contemporary dance with Cecilia Colacrai (Colectivo Big Bouncers); clown with Yeda Dantas (Gigantes da Lira) and acrobatics at Rogelio Rivel Circus School (Barcelona).

He is currently a member and actor of Cia Moveo (Moritz FiraTàrrega Award 2017 with “Consequences”); director of the show “Migrante” (Cia. Parece una Tonteria) with which he has won several awards (best play and best direction at the IX Barcelona Independent Theatre Festival “Mutis 2018”) and which is currently on national and international tour. In 2017, together with 5 other artists, he created the physical theatre company “Si Tu T’imagines” in Barcelona.


Laia Campamà Mèlich

Physical theatre performer, graduated and specialised in Corporal Dramatic Mime at MOVEO. She has complemented her training with acrobatics at the Rogelio Rivel School, contemporary dance with Cesc Gelabert, flying low with Raquel Morales, puppet animation with Cero en Conducta and María Castillo respectively, among others.

He is currently a member of the theatre company Diógenes, based on physical and visual theatre, with which he is touring the show Folie à Deux. Her previous work includes the show Búfalos, by Pau Miró, taken to the Valle Inclán in Madrid, her participation as an actress in the micro-theatre of the Espacio de Creación Arsénico, and the founding of the FOKIT Festival in Trivandrum, India, aimed at creating a space for contemporary dance and theatre creations.

Moreover, Teachers and lecturers who have been invited by MOVEO in recent years are:

Guy Nader, María Campos, Andrés Corchero, Lali Ayguade: dance

Oscar Valsecchi, Valentina Temussi, Anne Dennis, Luis Torreao, Mai Rojas: corporeal mime

Pere Farran, Montse Bonet: acting training

Joan Rimbau, Vicky Alvelo, Samuel Tornqvist, Anna Estrada: voice work

Maria Castillo, Miquel Gallardo, Renee Baker: puppetry and object manipulation

Lluís Graells:  Commedia dell’arte

Monica Giacomin: pilates technique

Danel Aser: acting in front of the camera

Roberto Romei: biomechanics

Domenico Santo: street theater

Joan Cusó: pantomime

Anna Estrada: voice (Fitzmaurice technique)

Elisabeth Castells: scenography

Hélène Mallet: storytelling

Tino Carreño: production and career counseling for actors

Samuel Tornquist: voice

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