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Cia Zero in Conducta returns to Moveo

We are delighted to welcome back the Zero en Conducta Company on 17,18,19 November 2023 at the Moveo Centre for another successful course.

Our history with Zero en Conducta is long and goes back to when Putxa and Julieta trained in the physical theatre diploma programme at the centre. This training was the catalyst for their artistic encounter. This is how we want Moveo to be: a place of learning, but, above all, a place of encounters.

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After completing their studies, they began their artistic collaboration, which led them to create high quality shows that have been successful ever since. “Eh man hé… The mechanics of the soul”, “La Dernière Danse de Brigitte”, “Allegro Ma Non Troppo” are examples of these shows that have toured stages all over Europe and beyond, from Spain to Mexico, via Russia and Chile.

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However, what makes the Zero en Conducta Company exceptional is their ability to fuse physical work, object work and their own poetics in their shows. They create a deep connection with the audience that has earned them six major international awards, including Best Performance and Best Show.

But beyond the awards and international stages, what really stands out in the Zero en Conducta Company is their passion, their friendliness and their ease in communicating and relating to all kinds of audiences.

Returning for another year to Moveo, they not only share their knowledge and experience with a new generation of artists, but also contribute to making Moveo a place where artistic encounters flourish.

Zero en Conducta reminds us that physical theatre is a universal language that can communicate emotions and tell stories in a unique way. Happy to have the opportunity to learn from them again and hope that this collaboration will continue to inspire many more in the future.