You are currently viewing we wish you happy holidays and a great 2023! 🌟

We wish you happy holidays and a great 2023! 🌟

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2022 is coming to an end, so here are some highlights of this year at Moveo. Since our beginnings, we are working towards a society and a culture that values more the body and its capacity of expression, sharing with diverse audiences movement, imagination and communication tools through practical experience.

We wish you a great winter solstice!



  • Our award-winning show “Conseqüències” keeps touring around the world, and this year took us to México, which was a very exciting trip! In 2023 we will share it again with young audiences through the program Anem al Teatre.
  • We also continue touring our show “ECHOES”; be sure to have a look at our dates on the Cia Moveo’s agenda for 2023!
  • And we premiered the video danceQuin gest necessitem avui?” with the companies Sauf le Dimanche and Mariantònia Olivier, as well as guiding participatory activities in various entities and schools such as Fundació Tres Turons, Fundació BAYT Al-Thaqafa, Centre Cívic Barceloneta, Casa Groga, Escoles l’Univers, Escola Camins, IES Vapor del Fil, etc.



  • We had another successful year of our Diploma Programme. We finished the school year in June presenting the shows “La vida no me asusta” (1st year students), “Bien. Estoy bien. Todo bien” (2nd year) and “El eco del silencio” & “Amaya” (3rd year). The shows were a success, with three full nights. Soon the videos will be available on our website.
  • Last October we started a new school year with students from around the globe, to whom we offer individual personalised tutoring space, a unique methodology and an opportunity to work in a creative and international atmosphere being in dialogue with artists and works of art.
  • We offered intensive workshops at the centre with great artists such as Andrés Corchero, Anna Estrada and more. Keep an eye on the new edition of our training group and more workshops in 2023!


We thank the indispensable team of artists and producers who make what Moveo is today and are happy to welcome Queralt Casasayas, Karine Degaspari and Laia Campamà!


To receive the information of all our activities, register on our webpage for the Centre, and consult for the Company’s activity, or follow us on social networks @centromoveo@ciamoveo.


We hope to see you during 2023! Keep in touch and take care,


Sophie Kasser and Stéphane Lévy