The aim of this project is to share the arts of movement with non-professional audiences, and to bring the arts to public and everyday life spaces. Our intention is to create encounters with social collectives, and to explore movement as a primary relational tool for wellbeing.
We are passionate about working with children, young people and groups of adults with specific needs. In the current context, we believe that this kind of work has become a necessity and helps to express and guide some of the emotional situations caused by the effects of social changes.

The activities we propose are about corporal expression, dance theatre and the concept of gesture in a participatory and accessible way. We believe that movement helps us to feel freer and more joyful, as it connects us with each other through dialogue.

During the workshops we work in a playful and profound way on the relationship between people through gestures, and we see how this relationship gives us tools to listen to and trust our own body and that of the other, as well as to express emotional states, beyond words. We propose a series of educational and practical exercises for the participants to discover how these elements help them to feel safe and creative through dialogue. All exercises are done in groups or in pairs.

Course objectives :
– To gain confidence in one’s ability to use one’s own body to express oneself and communicate
– To work on presence, awareness, trust and ways of channelling emotions
– To use gestures as new tools for listening, communication and exchange
– Working on the dynamics of relationships through movement
– Having fun

Cia moveo

Project funded by Generalitat
Ajuntament barcelona


“The gesture and the relationship” comes from a previous project with the companies Sauf le Dimanche and Mariantònia Oliver, “What gesture do we need today?”, about giving and receiving spontaneous gestures with different entities of Catalonia, Balearic Islands and Occitania. These activities were aimed at educational entities and vulnerable groups with whom we worked on the notions of exchange, expression, solidarity, etc., as well as the relationship with one’s own body and the body of others as a means of expression.

“What gesture do we need today?” was an international, digital and social artistic project that invited the participation of citizens of all ages. The project proposed to work on the question of what gesture we needed then in relation to the circumstances of separation and distance that we lived through at the beginning of the pandemic. While it is true that people could not travel and meet each other, ideas, needs and gestures could be exchanged. Exchange is the central point of this work. Exchange and transformation.

It focused, on the one hand, on relational work based on gesture as a starting point and movement as a tool through workshops with non-professional groups, children, young people and the elderly, and, on the other hand, creative work based on the compilation of gestures proposed by these groups. This compilation was then transferred to a digital platform and was used to create a video-dance by the three companies.


Cia moveo consequencies pedrera


The Cia Moveo was founded in 2005, collaborating from the beginning with local and international artists. Their shows have toured in prestigious international festivals in places such as England, Belgium, South Korea, Croatia, Scotland, Spain, France, Holland, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania and Switzerland. They have also directed artistic and pedagogical projects for organisations and festivals such as Días de Danza, the GREC festival in Barcelona, the University of Barcelona, the Edinburgh Fringe, the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, the International Festival of Physical and Gestural Theatre in Chile, the University of Applied Sciences in Finland and the Conservatoire Populaire in Geneva.

The company’s multidisciplinary and multicultural approach allows it to create work that encourages collaboration between artists from different disciplines. The most recent awards it has received are the Moritz FiraTàrrega Award for Best Street Arts Premiere 2017 and the Dansacat Award for Best Choreography 2020. “Echoes” has also been nominated for the 2020 Critics’ Choice Awards.

Cia Moveo is part of the Moveo Centre, from where workshops for all audiences are developed.



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