What is Moveo

MOVEO is a performing arts centre dedicated to the training, creation and investigation of physical theatre. Founded in 2005, it houses a stable company, residencies of artists, a school offering courses, workshops as well as a variety of activities around the expressive body.

Within the creation axe, the company Cia Moveo (www.ciamoveo.cat) specialises in devised shows using the body and the art of movement as the main elements of expression, working with artists from various disciplines and cultural backgrounds. This multidisciplinary allows the Cia Moveo productions to emerge out of a constant stage investigation, encouraging collaboration between different artists of around the world and contributing to the changing and development of physical theatre. 

Since its creation, Cia Moveo has been rewarded by the Special Jury Award for the skillful fusion of scenic languages – Mostra de Teatre de Barcelona 2007, the e-MIX Quality Label, seal of quality for the visual and physical theatre in Europe 2011 and the Best Show Award (Dance category) at the Feria Internacional de Teatro y Danza de Huesca 2015, the Mais Imaginarius Award to the best Emerging Artists at the Imaginarius Festival of Portugal and the FiraTàrrega17 Moritz Award for the Best Street Arts Premiere.

Within the training axe, we organize a variety of courses for professionals and beginners of all ages intended to widening the offer of theatre training and introduce lines of physical work. In 2004 we founded the Escuela Internacional de Mimo Corporal Dramático de Barcelona, which is offering a professional diploma course as well as other regular courses and intensive workshops of all kind. The school is part of l’ACET (Catalan Association of Schools of Theatre).

Our investigation has brought us to the creation of 8 professional shows and 24 school shows as well as projects and workshops with which we have been touring internationally for over 10 years. Since our origins and until now, 600 professionals and students from over 50 countries have participated in our centre’s activities.

The Moveo center has received grants from the Institute of Culture of the City of Barcelona (ICUB), the Generalitat de C atalunya and the Ramon Llull Institute. Moveo also received the support the Consulate General of Switzerland in Barcelona and the French Institute of Barcelona.