Moveo studio

In addition to the school and company actvity, we also offer the possibility for individuals and groups to use our space for events and activities, as long as these respect the nature of space and they are in accordance with Moveo’s ethics. These activities can range from rehearsals, workshops, laboratories, photo and movie shooting until residencies.

Room 1

  • 97 m2
  • Dance floor
  • Mirrors
  • Natural light
sala moveo centro

Room 2

  • 85 m2
  • Wooden floor
  • Mirrors
sala moveo centro

General equipment : Stereo, DVD, chairs, tables, bathroom, changing room 25m2 and vending machine at the entrance of the building.

NOTE : The rooms are not soundproof.

There are discounts for AADPC’s, APdC’s and APCC’s members, as well as ex-students and former students of Moveo Center.

You need more information ?
Call us on +34 93 300 25 08 or click on More Info.

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